Instructions for planting trees in the game Play Together

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In recent times, life simulation role-playing game Play Together has stormed with the growing number of players and people’s favorites. Especially after updating the new version on August 30, 2021, this game has added many new attractive features, including: growing plants and flowers at home on Play Together.

Growing flowers in this game in the house will help your house add color and aesthetics, and increase income. Therefore, to help everyone’s house in the game become more beautiful when adding flower pots, today will introduce the article. Instructions for planting trees in the game Play Together, invite you to consult.

Instructions for planting money trees in the game Play Together

Step 1: First, we will Open and log in to the game Play Together on your phone.

Step 2: Once you’ve logged into your game account, go Find a florist in the Plaza area. You can easily find the florist right next to the entrance of Home Town. If you still don’t know the location, you can review it on the Map.

Step 3: Now when approaching the florist, press shopping cart icon to start trading.

Click on the cart icon

Step 4: When you have read all the instructions to plant a tree, press the . button Buy pots.

Click the Buy Pots button

Step 5: At the store now, please Choose a flower pot that you want to buy, then tap price to buy flower pots.

Choose a flower pot

Step 6: Then when you have bought the flower pot, go back to my home in the game Play Together.

Back to my home

Step 7: Inside your home, touch home decoration icon at the top of the screen.

Tap the home decor icon

Step 8: Click on the item furniture which I have on the right side of the screen. Then tap pots which we have just purchased and placed in a suitable place in the house.

Touch the purchased flower pot

Step 9: At this time, move closer to the position of the potted plant, press tree icon.

Click on the tree icon

Step 10: Choose a flower that you want to plant in your home, then press the . button Drills.

Choose the type of flower you want to plant

Step 11: Finally, wait for the tree to grow and flower, then you can increase your income by planting trees.

Wishing you success!

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