Miss Tru Tien 3D decided to fight for the expensive iPhone 11 Pro

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Finally, after more than 20 days of voting, in the world of Tru Tien 3D appeared a beautiful multi-talented beauty. Owning more than 4600 votes out of a total of 20000 votes for herself, contestant Love Flower of the Devil Dao server excellently won and achieved the title of Miss Tru Tien 3D when accounting for nearly ¼ of the total votes. choose. This is also a worthy result when she is known as a beauty in the world of Tru Tien for a long time.

Love Flower won of the total votes, excellently becoming Miss Tru Tien 3D 2019.​

In addition to finding Miss Tru Tien 3D, at the contest also found 16 most lovely faces to go to the next round called – Great War Beauty. Here, all contestants will go through a rigorous qualifying round to win a ticket to the next round. Accordingly, in the first 2 qualifying rounds, gamers will compete in the form of Bo1 – knockout to win the ticket and the semi-finals of My Nhan Dai Chien. At the same time, a new rule was set up between rounds to create a balance between gamers.

Specifically, 16 players in the first qualifying round will only be able to use the Hop Hoan sect to compete, similarly in the 2nd round, players can only use Thanh Van Mon to conduct combat. Those who win the right to advance to the Semi-Finals and conduct a BO3 – Match 3 match, whoever wins 2 matches will move on. In this BO3 match, players must follow the BTC’s designation of the competition sect, the first turn of the designated sect is the Hop Hoan faction, the 2nd turn is Thanh Van Mon and the 3rd turn is Quy Dao. The format for the Finals and 3-4 matches is similar to the Semi-Finals with 3 disciplines as above.​

The prize is an expensive iPhone 11 Pro, so the competition between 16 girls will certainly become more attractive than ever.

The 1/16 qualifying round of Tru Tien 3D contestants – the first round of My Nhan Dai Chien.

The first series of matches of the My Nhan Dai Chien tournament will start at 18:00 on November 4.

It is known that in order to create a fair tournament, Tru Tien 3D game operation team spent 2 months to prepare and set up a dedicated tournament server for all 16 players. This is also a gift of gratitude for a large number of Tru Tien 3D game fans for their commitment and support during the past 2 years. Along with that, in the future BTC promises to conduct more tournaments to increase the community interaction of more than 4 million Tru Tien 3D gamers.

The game operation team spent 2 months preparing for the most epic season possible.

Below is the information of 16 contestants participating in the My Nhan Dai Chien tournament:


Official match schedule and format:​

  • Qualifier 1/16: 18h00 on 4/11, BO1 competition format, required faction: Hop Hoan faction
  • 1/8 qualifying round: 18h00 on 5/11, BO1 competition format, required subject: Thanh Van Mon
  • Semi-final round: 18:00 on November 6, BO3 competition format, required disciplines: Hop Hoan Sect, Thanh Van Mon and Quy Dao (3 matches)
  • Final round and match 3-4: 18h00 on 8/11, BO3 format, required sects: Hop Hoan faction, Thanh Van Mon and Quy Dao (3 matches)

Information and competition format of the My Nhan Dai Chien tournament can be found at: https://trutien.gamota.com/thong-tin-chi-tiet-vong-my-nhan-dai-chien-26-10-14-10/

Visit Landing to follow the match schedule: https://trutien.gamota.com/my-nhan-dai-chien/

Adapted from the fanciful fairy tale based on the work of the same name by writer Tieu Dinh, Tru Tien 3D has classic details and the game’s content is reproduced as closely as possible with the novel – action version. The process of growing up as an ordinary teenager in a fantasy world.
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