How to take a screenshot with Opera Neon

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Instructions for taking screenshots with Opera Neon will provide readers with one of the quite new ways to take screenshots of web pages without using third-party software, but very handy compared to many browsers like Google Chrome. , Coc Coc, Firefox.

Opera Neon is a brand new web browser and there are currently two ways to install Opera Neon both with the online installer and with the Opera Neon offline installer.

Take a screenshot of the web page in neon opera

Among the many features on Opera Neon that are loved by many users, taking screenshots with Opera Neon is the most commonly used feature, not only because of its convenience compared to other tools and ways to capture computer screens. Usually, it’s worth mentioning, you just need to install Opera Neon and use Opera Neon’s built-in screen capture feature in the browser.

How to take a screenshot with Opera Neon

To take a screenshot of Opera Neon, you need to open any web page to enable the screen capture feature with Opera Neon.

Step 1: From the website interface, click on the camera icon located in the top left corner of Opera Neon.

picture neon opera state

After clicking here there will be an instruction Crop to Snap This means that the browser allows you to drag and drop frames to capture the Opera Neon screen as you like.

capture neon opera state screen

Drag to where the selection to take a photo will light up there.

neon opera website photography

Step 2: After taking the picture instead of displaying it, Opera Neon will save the image inside Gallery (Photo Gallery) specializes in storing user screenshots.

capture neon opera screen

You can preview the image in enlarged format by clicking on the Opera Neon screenshot.

neon opera screen wallpaper

Step 3: To delete a photo, simply point to the image and press the “X” sign.

how to take neon opera screen

* Where to find the folder containing photos taken on Opera Neon?

To find the folder containing photos taken on Opera Neon and download photos from Opera Neon, you can access the Opera Neon Gallery Storage folder path in Windows Explorer. For details on how to find the folder containing photos taken on Opera Neon, you can refer to the tutorial article Download photos from Opera Neon that we shared.

Among the many web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or Coc Coc today, there is rarely a browser that has as many features as Opera Neon, the features on Opera Neon are quite convenient and useful, such as taking pictures. screen with Opera Neon, or watch videos without closing tabs (this feature is also available on Coc Coc, please download CocCoc to experience), support split screen, etc. However, if you want to master all of them. All the features on Opera Neon, users need to use and experience this web browser more often
Good luck!

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