Ranked 40 best versions of Spider-Man in the Marvel universe

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Super product Spider-Man: Homecoming is rocking the worldwide box office and taking in unbelievable sales. One Peter Parker young, innocent and fun under the shirt Spiderman is the impression that the film leaves on the viewer’s mind.. But few people know that this image is just one of the countless identities of the film. Spider-Man in the Marvel world, spanning countless different storylines and dimensions that have appeared throughout the past decades. That’s why Emergenceingame.Com would like to point out 40 of the most impressive Spider-Man images in the Marvel universe right below..


As a clone of Spider-Man created by Jackal (Mile Warren), Spidercide believes he is the real Peter Parker. But right from the looks, Spidercide shows a terrorist physique with much more violent behavior. But with all the powers of Spider-Man, Spidercide can also control every cell inside his body. This allows him to stretch his limbs almost like Mr. Fanstatic or even liquefied and transformed each body part according to different weapons.


Spider-Man (Robots)

Spider-Robot is a robot version created by Kang (Nathaniel Richards) to fool the Avengers. Bearing the same power as Peter Parker, Spider-Robot is impressive because this version was somehow accepted by the Avengers a decade before the real Spider-Man. What a pain for the Spider.


Peter Parker – Earth-751263

This Spider-Man version of the Unlimited spin-off series launched in the 90s and has a life similar to the Peter Parker we know. However, the special feature is the suit that this guy wears with the webs on both sides that can pop out to help him glide through the air for a short period of time… It’s almost similar to the suit that “Uncle” Tony” given to Spidey in Homecoming. Moreover, this version also borrows more or less ideas from DC rival Batman Beyond.


Web Man

Peter Parker has a long history with clones. But before Kaine Parker and Ben Reily were born to Jackal, the spider had to face his first clone. Yes, that is Web Man created by Dr. Doom for the purpose of creating a genuine Anti-Spiderman..


Ghost Spider

Ghost Spider was born on Earth-11638, where Uncle Ben never died, even helping Peter Parker train and develop his extraordinary abilities. Not only that, Peter later became a billionaire with the large Parker Technology corporation. But also because of his uncle’s influence, Peter used transdimensional technology to lure Spider-Mans from other worlds and suck their energy. After being persuaded by Peter Parker from Earth-616, who later became Ghost Spider came to his senses and promptly saved his “brother’s” life when Uncle Ben almost pushed Peter Parker into the energy sucker. . Later his soul was banished to hell and he himself thought he deserved it.

However, when Bruce Banner – who inherited the title of Sorcerer Supreme from Dr. Strange of this dimension died fighting the Infernal Hulk, transformed into his spirit form and freed him from hell. Waking up, he found himself in the form of Ghost Spider (a hybrid version of Spider-Man and Ghost Rider) and decided to make atonement..



Calling “Man” Spider is probably completely wrong because the Spider-Doppelganger is more like a hideous monster. Created by Magus during the events of Infinity War, Spider-Doppelganger is one of many different clones of the most powerful superheroes and villains. However, despite being a cruel and extremely bloodthirsty being, the Spider-Doppelganger was still summoned into the Spider-Army – a force that brought together different versions of Spider-Man to fight the Inheritors, a family specialized in Hunting and absorbing Totems that create connections between humans and the supernatural powers of animals.


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