Genshin Impact: How to defeat Stormterror – Phong Ma Long

Stormterror – Phong Ma Long is the first boss you must face in Genshin Impact. This is really a “tough” war. Once a week, you can challenge this big dragon for some awesome rewards. Here it is how to defeat Phong Ma Long in Genshin Impact.

Tips to defeat Dvalin in Genshin Impact

Stormterror – Who is Phong Ma Long in Genshin Impact?

Phong Ma Long in Genshin Impact

Also known as Dvalin, Stormterror is one of the four major winds of Mondstadt, assigned by Phong Than Barbatos to protect the country and its people. Dvalin protected the city for many years before being ruined by the Abyss Order with terrible wounds (those are the crystal crystals you see on a dragon-man).

You must defeat Dvalin to continue the storyline as this is the main quest. Then, once a week, you can come back to challenge it again. The weekly challenge is much harder than the original battle and will gradually increase in level as you level up. However, the rewards for defeating Stormterror at a higher difficulty level will be even more valuable.

Best squad for fighting Phong Ma Long in Genshin Impact

Character selection in Genshin Impact

When building a team in Genshin Impact, you need to fill three basic positions: strong DPS, reliable support, and healing. However, the gameplay with the characters you own can affect the formation of the combat team a lot.

Combining the power of team Genshin Impact

For example, you can double Barbara and Jean’s healing, while taking advantage of Jean and Venti’s intense Anemo winds. For these two wind generals on the team, the stamina consumption decreases but the speed increases. This makes it easier to dodge Dvalin’s attacks.

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Tips to defeat Phong Ma Long Stormterror in Genshin Impact

Phong Ma Lon Challenge in Genshin Impact

There are two ways to fight Phong Ma Long in Genshin Impact. For the first time, you will battle it out in the main storyline. This is the easiest Dvalin clash, especially when you have Venti on your team. After defeating the dragon once, you will have the option of different difficulty levels after each week of fighting it back. Of course, the reward will increase with each level.

State 1

The first phase of fighting Phong Ma Long

In your first fight with Dvalin, you’ll fly behind it, then hit two wounds – the crystal inflicted by the Abyss Order. This part is quite simple: dodge the laser, aim for the wound and when away from the dragon, shoot Venti’s Anemo to create a thrust to bring you forward, quickly catch up with the dragon. After successfully destroying the two crystals on the dragon’s back, you will land in its lair to start the real battle.

Phase 2

How to hit Dvalin in Genshin Impact

The official fight, whether you just run into Dvalin for the first time or return at the next weekly challenge, you’ll find it a match not to be taken lightly. This dragon most of the time was hovering in the air, out of reach of melee characters or even casting spells. An archer is a smart choice in the Dragon Battle of Phong Ma Long. This character will break the dragon’s shield and force it to land.

Archery at Phong Ma Long in Genshin Impact

Venti will temporarily join your team at the first Dvalin match. He can break dragon’s armor with ease. Just keep dodging the dragon’s attacks and fire until it lands. However, the next time you are lucky to get Venti, his shots are no longer enough to break the dragon’s armor. At this point, Dvalin will often plug claws on the edges of the platforms. Then, you need to switch to a strong DPS character, capable of dealing as much damage as possible to dragon claws.

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Dragon fighting space in Genshin Impact

When placing the claw on the edge of platforms, Dvalin will perform fierce attacks that make it difficult for opponents to dodge. It’s time to double the healing and speed replenishment from Impetuous Winds to make a big difference. Speed ​​boost also helps when Dvalin uses his unique ability to crack the ground you’re on with Anemo energy. This energy will reduce your health, so make sure to make optimal use of the Anemo swirls at either end of the platform and move on to the next platform.

Tips to defeat Dvalin in the game Genshin Impact

When you destroy Dvalin’s armor, the dragon will descend and you can access the final crystal wound inflicted by the Abyss Order. Use the tactic used to deal with the dragon’s claw in this case.


The reward for fighting dragons in Genshin Impact

Depending on the difficulty level of each challenge with Dvalin, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Mora
  • Adventure experience
  • Favorite EXP
  • Tu Tung Thach Self-Service
  • Tinh Tu Tinh Thang Loi
  • Clean Kim Thanh Shredded
  • Embryo sword North Luc
  • The embryo of Northern Luc
  • The embryo of Bac Luc great blade
  • Embryo of Northern Luc Magic Book
  • Embryo of Bac Luc lance
  • Relics Blood Hero battle 3 or 4 stars
  • Relics of Quan 3 or 4 stars
  • Heritage of 3 or 4 stars
  • Relics Closing ceremony of the 4-star gladiator
  • Relics The group sang wandering the 4-star Mainland

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