PUBG Mobile: Everything you need to know about the new Metro Royale mode

Metro Royale Mode has been officially available at PUBG Mobile since November 10. Here’s everything you need to know about Metro Royale mode when playing PUBG Mobile.

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The combination of PUBG Mobile and Metro Exodus gives players a new mode called Metro Royale. This mode has a lot of new features with an underground map, zombies, monsters … waiting for you to explore. This is considered the best mode ever seen in PUBG Mobile.

Everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile’s Metro Royale Mode

The story of Metro Exodus

The story takes place in Erangel when a sudden shock wave hits you and turns the buildings into rubble. You have a pistol in hand and you can only choose to carry one of the following 4 items: AKM with 10 bullets, backpack, level 1 armor or First Aid ambulance.

The story of Exodus in PUBG Mobile

This world is full of monsters. The entire city has been destroyed. As you continue this story, you will have to make different choices to survive and get to the end. Right now, you can explore the story of Metro on the official PUBG Mobile website.

Tikhar Rifle

Tikhar Rifle is the iconic weapon of Metro Exodus. It is an automatic sniper rifle that is capable of firing Steel Ball bullets with 30% more damage at full air pressure. The player needs to manually fill in the gas pressure.

New weapon in PUBG Mobile

You can buy Tikhar Rifle weapons from Black Market and equip and other accessories to make it more stable.

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Brand new monsters: Watchmen and Librarian

2 classic monsters: Watchmen and Librarian will be a big threat in your journey to conquer Metro Royale.

New monsters in PUBG Mobile

Watchmen are small monsters that usually operate in groups. They will call the swarm when they find you, so kill them before that happens.

Librarian monsters in PUBG Mobile

The Librarian is a gigantic beast with strong attack abilities and abundant health. However, they won’t attack you if you face them. To get rid of this monster, confront them head-on and move slowly backwards until they leave. Remember not to turn around and run away!

New environment

The shockwave destroyed many cities and towns in Erangel, changing life here dramatically. People mainly divided into 2 groups: Cobras and Steel Front. The two sides have many conflicts over living resources but have agreed to cease fire and are working together to steal resources from others.

New environment in PUBG Mobile

Underground battlefield

Erangel will have a new underground system. You can find loot items and enemies here. This system has no lights, so you must have a night vision device. You can destroy the light somewhere and the surroundings will be pitch black. But when firing a gun, the light from the bullets will reveal your location so be careful.

You can use Molotov as a light source and as a weapon to deal damage to enemies.

The above is Everything you need to know about the new Metro Exodus mode in PUBG Mobile. Hope the article is useful to you.

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