Minecraft and secrets you may not know

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Minecraft is a construction game in an Open World, with unlimited creative gameplay, this game has attracted millions of players around the world with a passion to discover and experience great things from These magic squares.

Like other games, Minecraft has a lot of secrets and hidden features that even players do not know or know about for a long time.

16 secrets in the game Minecraft

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# 1: You can put the torches in the oven and crafting table

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The first thing is to make sure the back of the furnace and the location of the torch have solid and clear blocks, then just right-click on the torch in hand, you will immediately see it placed. on crafting blocks.

# 2: Can place other blocks right next to the torch without another block underneath

Minecraft tip 2 - Emergenceingame

Right-click on the sides of the torch position to arrange other blocks around it. This way we can pass the lava slots easily without consuming too much resources.

# 3: Use torches to earn more stones and gravel

Minecraft tip 3 - Emergenceingame

If the sand and gravel blocks are not mixed together (separate sand, gravel), we can use a torch to break the sand blocks in the lowest position. As soon as they separate, quickly put a few torches below it and wait a moment, the sand blocks will break apart quickly.

# 4: Use torches to lift blocks

Minecraft tip 4 - Emergenceingame

Although they seem small and quite weak, few people expect that if used correctly, these torches can become pillars and help us to support other blocks above it (regardless of quantity or weight. how much). If you are a person with taste, in this way the player can create quite impressive works.

# 5: The wood panels are extremely fire resistant

Minecraft tip 6 - Emergenceingame

Do not worry too much about the wooden boards will burn, they are much more resistant to fire than other ordinary wooden planks.

# 6: Redstone can penetrate obstacles that are 1/2 block.

Minecraft tip 7 - Emergenceingame

Whole blocks can stop Redstone, but with blocks half the size of the block it can still penetrate fairly simply.

# 7: Great effect of pressure plates

Minecraft tip 8 - Emergenceingame

Stacking pressure plates like the one above can hold the lava and even the water inside (in one mass) without fear of spilling it.

# 8: The effect of ladders and signs

Minecraft tip 9 - Emergenceingame

As well as pressure plates, using ladders and signs can also effectively prevent water and lava from spilling into your underwater rooms.

# 9: Decorate the house with signs

Minecraft tip 5 - Emergenceingame

Linking the signs together, we can use them to decorate the project more vivid and fancy.

# 10: Create soul sand traps

Minecraft tip 10 - Emergenceingame

Using the ice and spirit sand (the ice below) will help you create a great trap.

# 11: Break the boat with a bow and arrow

Minecraft tip 11 - Emergenceingame

Using bow and arrow to break boats in Minecraft game also helps you get the same resources as usual.

# 12: Can’t see through the closet

Minecraft tip 13 - Emergenceingame

Did you know that in Minecraft game, even if the other players don’t bend over, hide from you, when they stand behind the lockers, you cannot see them (except the name). But if they bend down (behind the wall) or underground, no one will be able to see them, not even the display name.

Minecraft tip 14 - Emergenceingame

# 13: Go through the wall

Minecraft tip 15 - Emergenceingame

If there is a vehicle like the one above and the wall is only 1 block, the player can sit on the vehicle and pass through it, or it can also be used as a trap.

# 14: Use lava to burn the oven

Minecraft tip 16 - Emergenceingame

With just a bucket of lava, you can burn the oven in 1000 seconds or cook 1000 dishes in the same oven. Similarly, a single flame can do this, but in as little as 120 seconds.

Any item can be used to form an oven except: jukebox, bookshelf, fence, seedling.

# 15: Use torches to lift blocks

Minecraft tip 17 - Emergenceingame

Using torches (placed under the block) can also support an entire block above it without fear of falling. In this way, we can build structures with the structure of a pyramid.

# 16: How to play in survival mode

Minecraft tip 18 - Emergenceingame

In Survival mode – Survival, using the right ingredients will save you time and effort. Specifically: the sword can cut watermelon and cactus best, and the ax will smash pumpkins faster.

Above are some interesting tips about Minecraft game but not everyone knows. Hopefully after this article, you will have more experience to experience this game better.

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