Dragon Seal: Character creation guide

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Character creation is the first task when playing the Dragon Seal game, right after successfully logging in you will be allowed to create 3 characters. The Dragon Mark game character creation is relatively simple, so you can quickly complete and enter giftcode to receive attractive gifts for gamers.

The Dragon Seal role-playing game is receiving great attention from the gaming community. With the original plot of The Dragon Seal, Dragon Mark has made a strong impression, along with many attractive promotions when recharging the Dragon Mark, which has increased the attraction of Dragon Mark. Please refer to how to create Dragon Seal game characters for newcomers.

Video character creation game Dragon Seal Mobile

How to create characters in the Dragon Seal

Step 1:

Login to Dragon Mark game then click Enter the game to start playing the game.

Next you will proceed to select the game server.

Main interface Dragon Seal
Main interface Dragon Seal

Step 2:

The main interface will have 3 characters for you to choose to create, click on any one icon.

Dragon Seal
Dragon Seal

Step 3:

Window Character creation appears, here you will name your character then proceed to select your character class by pressing the forward or back arrow.

After selecting, press Create new to complete.

Create Dragon Seal character
Create Dragon Seal character

Above we have instructed you how to create characters when playing Dragon Mark game. Hope you will create a game title or possess the desired skills.

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