Gaze at the extreme version of Doraemon Lego

For Lego lovers, everyone knows that each magical brick contains an endless potential to build things that others can’t imagine, Just looking at a complete lego work is after many days. groping people also feel satisfied.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Recently a Japanese man used those bricks to create a robotic cat Doraemon Legend, with his work, everyone must admire his creativity and talent. Appeared on Twitter a person with the nickname Junlego introduced himself as an expert of the Lego Company, active as a member of the Lego Club at the University of Tokyo, as well as appearing at world competitions and competitions. TV show. His photo of Doraemon Lego has made waves in the Twitter community and received 9,000 likes.


According to Junlego’s introduction, his work was completed in exactly the 3rd year of university, but the quality of the photos was poor, so he did not want to introduce it, until today’s camera was released and released. With better image quality, he can give a sharp introduction to this version of Doraemon.


He also said that this version of lego cannot get through the bedroom door, without removing the details, it is difficult to bring it out. Now also check out some of the other works of this guy, you will surely have to gasp at the magic of Lego.



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