“Hearing” the new sect soars in the Wu Song Wusong community 2

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Although there is no specific information, but according to “hearing” analysts, it is very likely that this faction will use a weapon of … sword.


These days, players Unparalleled Pride 2 Get a thrill before dozens of information about the New Version in this June. Netizens murmured about the source of the “uncle working at GOSU” that a new sect would appear – something that gamers have been waiting for for a long time.


As a new generation 2D swordplay MMORPG, with great improvements in graphics and gameplay, but Ao Kiem Wu Song 2 still retains the pure swordplay quality, still relying on the Kim Dung, Co Long series as the foundation. . The most obvious is that more and more sects are exploited by Ixinyou, contributing to the diversity of plot and gameplay.
Currently, with the appearance of a new element, the number of sects in Ngoo Kiem Wu Song 2 has also officially reached 8. Players from here have the right to hope more in a new element, in order to find the world again. balance in the game against the hegemony of Cai Bang, Wudang, Nga My.

New players are excited…

While most players are looking forward to the big version of June, there are still many old server players in the midst of a lot of “hearing”. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that they have put a lot of effort into the character as well as the current guild community, so they do not want to invest too much time in plowing again, experiencing new sects.

The old server players are still crowded as usual

However, these gamers still hope to receive support from NPH in changing the faction. It is known that in this new version in June, in addition to updating the new version, Ngoo Kiem Wu Song 2 also brings many new and unique features, along with an attractive World Cup event.
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