“Holy” tells ghost story Nguyen Ngoc Ngan suddenly appeared in VLTK Mobile?

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Recently, some clips recorded the voice of a gamer when participating in an exchange on a friendly channel showing his talent … telling ghost stories that made many players play. Martial Arts Mobile Can’t help but get a “goosebumps” because it is too similar to the voice of the “holy” telling ghost stories Nguyen Ngoc Ngan. From the tone, the emphasis in the way of telling is not different from the “main owner”. This gamer even uses the ingame nickname Uncle Ngan, playing in Thich state, server 450.


If there were only recordings of ghost stories, many people might think that this player opened youtube to record, but even the chats and dialogues with other members of the state are still equal to one. Such a voice makes many people believe that this is the real “Uncle Ngan” 100%.


Clip by member of Thich (provided by s450)

However, this is still a big question that makes many people doubt. It’s not uncommon for celebrities to appear in the game before, but just by voice alone, nothing can be concluded when now there are many voice editing software and not to mention voice imitation / Imitating someone’s voice is not impossible.


Clip by member of Thich (provided by s450)

Typically, recently, the VLTK Mobile player community also once had a fever when suddenly a copy of Son Tung MTP appeared in the game with the same voice as this Thai Binh male singer, also with the ingame nickname Son. Tung – MTP and often uses the hit song of “Boss” to perform on the friendly channel. But in fact, this is just a Thai Binh male gamer who loves to sing. Perhaps because of the same hometown as the male singer, the voice is somewhat similar, causing many people to confuse.

Returning to the “holy” ghost storyteller Nguyen Ngoc Ngan, before the suspicions of many people, the members of the Thich state – server 450 still confirmed that this was the real voice of Uncle Ngan and invited other players to have fun. chance to join your state. This makes many people extremely interested and looking forward to one day meeting the real Uncle Nguyen Ngoc Ngan in the game.

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