Many universities start offering Esports degrees, who said gaming has no future?

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The story of problems surrounding gaming is probably familiar to many people. Which is gambling, violent slashing and then neglecting to study because of game addiction has unintentionally made many people, especially parents, always have a negative view of the game. Needless to say, when Divine Esports – an e-sports startup that appeared in the Shark Tank program to raise capital to build a professional organization for Esports lovers. However, all Sharks expressed concern, that this is a form of abetting for young people to play games too much, without a good orientation in both physical and moral education for players.

Now, it sounds a bit hard to believe but gamer If you want, you can get a full bachelor’s or master’s degree in Esports by attending universities like any other profession. It’s time we take a different look at the two words “gamer”, who said they are people with no future?


Esports is growing strongly in recent years, a series of events and tournaments with huge prizes are held every year. Compete in fierce arenas, in addition to gaming skills, player need to be properly trained, equipped with many other complementary knowledge. They need both physical and mental preparation as well as guidance from a professional coach to maximize their potential.

However, the truth is that most of the professional gamer Currently facing a lot of difficulties to pursue his dream. Most of the experience they have is from self-observation and learning without any guidance like other professions. This is why a number of universities in the UK and US have made a breakthrough decision for this emerging industry – opening training programs to offer full-time bachelor’s and master’s degrees to all students. who is passionate about Esports.


Staffordshire University is a pioneer when it started rolling out programs for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Esports last year and in the near future, a number of universities in London will also offer more training in this field. In Asia, where Esports is booming the most, many schools in Singapore and China have also offered Esports courses.

Not only that, even high schools have begun to pay attention to this field. More than 100 high schools in the United States have added esports to their curriculum in addition to traditional sports like football and basketball. This is really good news for gamers because from those who are considered “unprofitable”, they are gradually recognized by society and the path to pursue their passion is also more open.​

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