Top 5 M1887 skins in Free Fire gamers should own

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Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale games on mobile devices, massive arsenal. Among them, the M1887 pistol has the highest damage per shot, much higher than any other weapon in the game. Players can improve its power with the following 5 Free Fire M1887 skins.

With the following list of Top 5 best M1887 gun skins in Free Fire will give you a better view, better understanding of each M1887 gun skin. From there you can buy and equip M1887 with appropriate skins, suitable for your fighting style at Free Fire OB35 5th Birthday update latest, take advantage and take down opponents quickly.

top 5 skins m1887 in free fire game thu nen so huu

The most used M1887 Free Fire gun skins by gamers

Top 5 best M1887 gun skins in Garena Free Fire

1. Incendium Burst M1887
The M1887 Incendium Burst is one of the best skins for the M1887 gun ever, with an explosive lava-based design. The entire gun looks like a piece of lava, with veins of fire covering the entire gun.
– Damage: (+)
– Rate of fire: (++)
– Speed ​​of movement: (-)

top 5 m1887 skins in free fire game thu nen so huu 2

The M1887 Incendium Burst skin also has very useful bonuses to increase fire rate and increase damage. Players can shoot one shot or two shots at their enemies quite easily. Since the M1887 is already pretty fast, players don’t have to worry about the lower movement speed.

2. Underworld rapper M1887
Underworld M1887 Rapper Skin greatly increases the fire rate of the M1887 weapon as well as its reload speed. But the weapon will have a slight decrease in Accuracy. As mentioned above, the increased rate of fire is very useful on this gun. The increase in reload speed is pretty good, and the drop in accuracy doesn’t matter much at close range. In terms of looks, Underworld Rapper M1887 looks pretty good with a clown face on and purple flame effect.
– Rate of fire: (++)
– Reload speed: (+)
– Accuracy: (-)

top 5 skins m1887 in free fire game thu nen so huu 3

3. Hand of Hope M1887
Hand of Hope M1887 is a very unique looking skin, it has a skeleton design and green smoke patches. The most beautiful part about the skin is probably the body, a hand-like decoration. Hand of Hope M1887 increases reload speed. This is the best you can get on the M1887, as the gun only has 2 rounds per cartridge. The extra accuracy allows you to deal easier damage to the body, but makes it harder to hit the head.
– Loading speed: (++)
– Accuracy: (+)
– Speed ​​of movement: (-)

top 5 skins m1887 in free fire game thu nen so huu 4

4. Golden Glare M1887
Golden Glare M1887 – This is probably the special skin of M1887 with yellow and purple light. It would be perfect if players had yellow themed suits. When equipped with Golden Glare M1887, players will receive some additional rewards such as
– Rate of fire (++)
– Range (+)
– Load (-)

top 5 skins m1887 in free fire game thu nen so huu 5

5. One Punch Man M1887
This skin was released as part of a collaboration between One-Punch Man and Free Fire. Since the rewards almost never return, this is one of the rarest skins in the game. One-Punch Man is the story of a hero named Saitama. His strength is so great that he destroys all his enemies with a single punch
– Reload speed (++)
– Damage (+)
– Accuracy (-)

top 5 skins m1887 in free fire game thu ne so huu 6
With the top 5 skin M1887 in Free Fire one shot damage is increased quite a lot, you can go everywhere killing people with just one shot. The damage increase is quite welcome… and the accuracy isn’t so bad either, as the higher recoil allows you to hit the head more easily.

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