Browse Offline Web on Chrome with Offline Mode, no internet required

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Browsing offline on Google Chrome is an extremely effective trick in case of Internet loss. If you have a habit of regularly browsing the web when going out or are not convenient to access the network, you can refer to the instructions for offline browsing on Chrome.

When you visit a website on any web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera, you can download all the images, styles, javascript files, even the cache of that page. Firefox web browser users can also experience the Offline Web browsing feature on Firefox with the same features as Google Chrome

how to use offline web in chrome browser

In addition to saving web pages as PDF files on Chrome for offline reading, users also have many different ways to browse the web offline. One of them is using browser cache.

The use of the cache is to help you read all web content even without an Internet connection. In particular, the cache can be combined with the offline mode on Chrome to help users browse the web offline on Chrome easily.

Enable offline mode on Chrome, browse the web offline on Chrome

Offline mode in Chrome needs to be enabled via chrome://flags.

Step 1: Import “chrome://flags/#show-saved-copy” in Chrome’s URL bar and press Enter.

Duyet web offline on chrome

Step 2: Press item Default and select “Enable: Primary” from the drop-down list.

Option “Enable: Secondary“provides the same features but with a slight difference from”Enable: Primary“.

Step 3: Click Relaunch Now to complete all changes and activate.

how to use offline web on chrome

Now when you visit websites offline, any data from the page will be loaded directly from the cache instead of loading the data from the browser server.

guide offline web on chrome

Web page after cached.

When accessing websites offline. Remember to pay attention to the words Show Saved Copy right below the text This site can’t be reached. Click here to open your browser’s list of cached web pages.

As mentioned above, if you choose Enable: Primary, knot Show Saved Copy will show up just below the sentence This site can’t be reached

Duyet web offline on chrome browser

Meanwhile, if you choose Enable: Secondaryknot Show Saved Copy will be below the sentence “There is no Internet connection” instead of “This site can’t be reachedd”.

how to use offline web on chrome browser

In addition to Chrome for Windows, this mode is also available with Chrome for Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and Chrome for Android. The way it works is basically the same.

Note that offline browsing is actually reviewing old versions of the browser. However, if you update the news sites regularly, that information source is not too old.

For items, pages you have not visited, Google Chrome will not show any backups in the cache.

Duyet website offline with chrome

In particular, do not clear your browser’s cache if you do not want all websites and articles to be lost in a moment. And always remember, not clearing cache is one of the ways to increase your browsing experience on Chrome. once introduced to you how to save web pages for offline viewing on Firefox, Google Chrome. This is one of the quite simple ways to surf the web offline that you can refer to.
Google Chrome is a powerful browser and packed with unexpected mysterious features. Let’s find out 9 hidden features on Chrome to enhance the user experience.

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