Male Blade & Soul gamer was exposed to mining scandals and in-game girlfriends

The appearance of the “pink balls” in the game is always a great motivation for male gamers because many of them join with the desire … to earn “bears”. But in reality, not everyone comes to the game with a healthy mindset, mindset and purpose.

The proof is that quite a few girls have had to take a “bitter fruit” because of being entangled in so many sweet words of nefarious male gamers, and then they themselves suffer material damage, trust or even death. even affection.

Specifically, recently, a male gamer of Blade & Soul was suddenly posted by his ex-lover’s friends to expose the guy who cheated both the love and money of his girlfriend through the game, digging mines and breaking up with him. the reasons are very “oh my god”.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

According to the friend who claimed to be his girlfriend’s sister in the sharing, this gamer knew and had a love relationship with her through the game Blade and League of Legends. The story has nothing to say if the geographical distance between the two is not too far, and especially the lover has a bit of low self-esteem, guilt about her appearance because … fat, and perhaps also because of true love, everyone Her boyfriend’s material needs are met. The young man digged his girlfriend little by little and then suddenly proposed to break up with the ridiculous reason: “I went to my friend’s birthday to confess my love and agreed.” Even then brazenly justified: “I have a love, I have no money to be afraid of.” Reading the same message shared by the guy to his lover, many people can’t help but feel a “blood boil” when in the world there can be men “wearing skirts” like that.

The gamer’s farewell message for a reason couldn’t be more ridiculous

The guy who constantly digs for his lover

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After being exposed, the guy who counterattacked completely denied it

This is also an expensive lesson for any girl when it comes to relationships in the virtual world, especially online games. Although there are many dreamlike love stories born from here, sometimes there are unpredictable risks. Female gamers need to have a “cold head” and wisdom to be able to protect themselves because the game is, after all, just a virtual world with many mysteries.​

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