Revealing the mysterious villain in the movie Venom

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‘s own movie Venom – the most dangerous enemy of Spider-Man, just witnessed the appearance of the latest trailer. However, contrary to fan speculation, the one who confronts Venom in this movie is not Carnage – a monster born from the union of the symbiote and the serial killer Cletus Kasady. Instead, a little-known character but carrying monstrosity and power beyond anyone’s imagination. Yes we are talking Riotanother clone spawned from the symbiote of the “main character” Eddie Brock. So who exactly is Riot and what link does it have with Venom? Readers, let’s find out with Emergenceingame.Com right here..


To understand the birth of Riot, readers need to know Life Foundation – an organization that dates back to the Cold War era. In the face of the paranoia that nuclear war could happen and wipe out all of humanity, the Life Foundation created a community of the richest tycoons in the world. With overwhelming power and property, these members trade at all costs to have in hand advanced technology to ensure their lives. However, when the danger of nuclear war was over, the Life Foundation began to aim further.

With the brains of the most powerful people in the American elite, the Life Foundation uses mercenaries, veterans and retired policemen to serve as its “hands”. One of them is Trevor Cole – the mercenary responsible for the security of the Life Foundation facility.


Trevor Cole’s life changes when the Life Foundation uses Venom as a test subject for its dark projects. From Venom’s symbiote, they created 5 different clones with the aim of building their own army of super police when the human world fell. Those 5 clones are Scream, Phage, Lasher, Agony and Riot. Riot is a symbiote version of Trevor Cole’s body.. Completely different from his “brothers”, Riot has a crazy bloodlust and is ready to attack anyone who dares to challenge it. Aside from Carnage, Riot is considered one of the most aggressive and powerful symbiotes.


An interesting point is that Riot has the closest appearance to Venom compared to all beings.. and perhaps that’s why it has equally crazy power. In fact, Riot far exceeds Spider-Man in terms of muscle ability and is ready to transform his body into spikes to pierce the body of his prey. Like other symbiote versions, Riot is completely invisible to Spider-Man’s spider senses, although still has a weakness to sound waves and fire.

Venom vs Riot.

However, the movie version may have changed Riot’s source when the new trailer suggests that the symbiote implant is the leader of the organization. Therefore, the power of Riot can be pushed further than fans imagine. In the story, years after Eddie Brock abandoned the Venom symbiote from his body, he began a journey to hunt down versions of himself in order to eliminate this alien species from the world once and for all. Riot itself is also hunted by a special force of the US military called Mercury Team.​

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