Overwatch clone game “reversely sued” Blizzard for copyright issues

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Since 2016, the shooting game Paladins was reflected as stealing the idea from the masterpiece Overwatch by Blizzard. Yesterday, in a tweet that turned the table, Stewart Chisam, the head of the Paladins project, condemned that the latest Hero Brigitte Overwatch has too many similarities with an old Hero of them.


Hi-Rez, the studio behind Paladins has obviously never accepted that it copied Overwatch. In fact, although very similar to Blizzard’s super product, but Paladins also has creative points when combining more MOBA substances in the game. In addition, the concept of Paladins Heroes also existed before the public knew about Overwatch. Hi-Rez’s COO explained that “most of the character classes and skills in Paladins were created based on the template from Global Agenda and Smite (two games also developed by this company).”​


However, the above explanations still can’t stop fans from finding the connection between the two. In Paladins, there are also heroes who throw chains around their opponents and pull them towards them (similar to Roadhog), or unleash rockets at enemies from the air (similar to Pharah), or build automatic turrets. and using a gun that shoots molten lava (like Torbjorn)…Although Paladins was developed before Overwatch, the similarities above are still very suspicious.​

Brigitte was accused of stealing ideas from Asha Hero of Paladins released in 2017

Brigitte is the most recent controversy between Overwatch and Paladins. Released yesterday in server test, Brigitte is a Hero Support with tanking abilities. She can create shields that absorb damage, heal allies as well as buff armor and speed. In full body armor, Brigitte is a reliable shield to shield teammates. These characteristics of Brigitte, are quite similar to Ash, a Paladins Hero that debuted in mid-2017. Ash also wears a full body armor with the ability to deploy a shield to protect allies. In one of his tweets last night, Stewart Chisam addressed the issue sarcastically:​

“Quick Q&A: If I notice and point out the similarities between the two characters, will I be ‘dogs hate cats with hair’? This question is going to keep me awake all night without a clear answer.”

In fact, Overwatch also owns another Tanker with the ability to create a shield, Reinhardt, as a premise for Brigitte, and Brigitte herself also has a close connection with her predecessor. Therefore, it would be difficult to say that Brigitte is a copy of Ash.​


When asked about the tweet, Chisam said it was “just a harmless joke, similar to the tons of ‘Overwatch Clone’ comments Paladins received when it first hit the market”. He also added that “it would be very difficult to create a new hero that has nothing to do with another hero of another game. After all, we (games similar to Overwatch) are standing on the shoulders of Team Fortress 2.”​

Team Fortress 2 is said to be the origin of every Hero (skilled) game.

In fact, the overlapping of ideas between game designers is inevitable, and it is also difficult to distinguish clearly. In many cases, these “suits” themselves will only end up to the extent that neither side accepts anyone.

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