Life in Corona season – A website specializing in calculating when to run out of toilet paper

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As is known, currently European and American countries are currently facing a strong outbreak of COVID-19The number of infections in Italy and the US are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the world, just behind China, where the first outbreak occurred, and there is no sign of a reduction in the near future. Therefore, people in these countries have rushed to shop to prepare to stay at home for a long time, many shelves in supermarkets are always empty. However, it is not bread, food or masks, but toilet paper is the most scarce thing today.​


This phenomenon occurs in most Western countries, from the United States to Europe or Australia, not long ago there was a streamer who only asked fans to donate toilet paper because she could not find them at home. supermarket. There are even two women who are willing to drag each other to court by a roll of toilet paper.

Due to such scarcity, many people are now wondering how long their home toilet paper will be used, how should they use toilet paper or when should they go out to “hunt” for more paper. ensure the normal functioning of the family. That’s why British programmer Ben Sassoon and artist Sam Harris collaborated to create a website that calculates the amount of toilet paper.​


The interface of this website is very simple with two options: the current number of toilet paper and the number of times a day. For example, if you have 10 rolls of toilet paper in your house, go to the bathroom 3 times a day, so you can use them within 53 days, 3.8 times the incubation period. Of course, there are also more complicated items such as the number of wet tissues, the number of people in the family, etc. Hopefully the epidemic will soon pass so that people can return to their normal lives, leaving reluctant websites. this doesn’t have to appear anymore.

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