Made a ton of mistakes, Dragon Ball FighterZ’s online mode is being criticized

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Player-versus-player battles in Dragon Ball FighterZ always filled with excitement with eye-catching graphics and countless “earthquake” moves. However, how to participate in such battles is becoming a big problem for fans of this game.

Online Lobby


To play Dragon Ball FighterZ online, players need to connect to an online lobby. There, players will transform into an avatar of the game and have the right to choose where they will go, start the arena, go to different modes such as online fighting, story play… It’s a game. Not a bad idea (and the avatars are cute), but at the same time causes a lot of problems.


During the first weekend since launch, Dragon Ball FighterZ’s lobby system suffered from serious overload problems. The game is almost always in a state of not having enough “room” for online players, especially with PCs, which are inherently unpopular for the fighting genre.
After the weekend, the players seem to have “cooled down”, the number of free rooms has become more, but the disconnection with the lobby still occurs and becomes annoying. Disconect is inherently annoying, but it will be even more annoying because when you connect again, you will have to repeat the job of selecting region, area and lobbying again. The “passion” of fighting matches will be strangled if this process is repeated several times during the experience.

Matchmaking (rough translation: find a match)
Finding a random person to fight, in both ranked or casual modes, takes quite a while. If you’re lucky, this search will take about 30 seconds. Otherwise, 1 minute or more is common.


Part of the problem is, again, the lobbying system. Players waiting to find a match are free to do other things like practice or try out the arcade mode. And when caught up in those options, it is more likely that they will “cancel” the matchmaking process, that is, the person they are about to “pair” to play online will have to wait again. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to allow “doing your own thing” while waiting for matchmaking, but sometimes if you do things more “basically”, the process can be quicker.

Play with friends
The problem with Dragon Ball FighterZ in inviting friends to compete is, it doesn’t exist. You don’t have a simple way to challenge your friends to a fun match, when the game doesn’t have a traditional “friend list” system. You can follow a player, but you cannot simply choose that player to challenge them.


In order for a group of friends “to” play together in Dragon Ball FighterZ, first, all must be in the same lobby. It sounds easy, but it’s actually quite difficult because as mentioned above, during peak hours (when everyone is free), the lobby is usually full. Next, one of them needs to start a “ring match”, similar to creating a small lobby in a large lobby. Finally, to prevent others from getting lost in their lobby, players need to set a password, and share it with friends.


You think it’s over? No problem. After completing the above steps, your friends are ready, exciting matches are waiting, then all of a sudden, the message “no room found” appears. This is a bug that Bandai Namco has confirmed and is working on fixing. But as long as it’s not fixed, wanting to play with friends in Dragon Ball FighterZ is still a pain in the ass.

Character selection
As mentioned above, you need to join a lobby before you want to compete online, and before doing that, you must create a team of 3 characters. This team will follow you for as long as you are in that lobby, and will only change when you exit the lobby and create another team.


The problem is, once you join the lobby, you can’t change the character. Imagine if you come across a squad that completely counters your squad in a certain lobby, your revenge is almost zero. Why? Because you will not be able to change the squad while in the lobby. Once you press “remactch”, you will continue to “eat onions” with the same lineup. Exit the lobby and re-enter, surely your opponent is still there? But wait, are you sure you will be able to enter the lobby “smoothly” with the issues mentioned in the previous section?



Aside from the above problems with online mode, every battle in Dragon Ball FighterZ is great. In addition, the offline mode (local battle) also runs very stable. Currently, Bandai Namco has officially announced that it has recognized the sincere comments of gamers, and is planning to edit it in the near future. Hopefully, these changes will appear soon, we players can experience the online mode of Dragon Ball FighterZ more easily.​

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