Suspected to be VNG’s “prey”, the top 1 female giant in the VLTKm battle was urgently revealed

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After more than 1 year, through the versions, the race to compete for the rank on the top ranking of the battle force of Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile has always been extremely exciting, thrilling and full of fluctuations. Needless to say, the identity of the top players in the rankings is always a mystery that makes the wanderer curious and follow every step.

The past week has probably been a week with many fluctuations on the ranking of the battle force of VLTK Mobile When there was a spectacular chase and usurpation of the female gamer with the nickname TieuTranN in the inter-server cluster S14-15, officially surpassing the “former king” DuongHieu Pham, holding the No. 10 million battle strength, which is more than 60,000 points difference with DuongHieu Pham, although before that she was several hundred thousand behind.​


Close-up acc top 1 ranking of fighting force of TieuTran Female.

This rapid usurpation of the throne immediately raised many questions, why in less than a month did this character rise to such rapid combat power? Conspiracy theories keep coming up. 1. Very fast and dangerous, that can only be VNG’s “decoy”? 2. Using the scheme of Sima Y, sharpening the sword for 10 years, launching a sword to settle in the mountains. That is, this character accepts to keep a modest level of combat power at first, silently hoarding the necessary to increase combat power. 3. Or this is a genuine giant, splurging money without thinking.

A lot of rumors were released, in which many people suspected that this vip was a VNG person, which made its owner extremely narcissistic. That’s why, the hidden giantess Tieu Tran Nu decided to reveal herself and make a clip to correct all previous false rumors.

Specific content readers can see details in the clip below.

Accordingly, the girl with the facebook nick name Tran Ton claims to be the owner of the Tieu Tran Nu acc who is storming the VLTK Mobile community this time. The female gamer expressed her pride when someone said that she was just the one who “received” something that was not hers, and was even more upset when it was said that she was “covered” by the giants, who of VNG, wasting money from her parents…etc. But she also shared that she “ignored it all”, no matter what people say. As for the fact that she received her acc, this female gamer is determined to prove it.

With the publicity of facebook, the girl above said that she just login to the game, people see her account and facebook and then they will understand.​

Portrait of female gamer Tran Ton – TieuTran Female in real life

All the evidence is given in a very clear way, so perhaps it has partly smashed all the previous bad rumors. It is known that this female gamer TieuTranNie Tran Ton is currently living in the US. If it is true what she shared, then this is probably one of the rare giants of VLTK Mobile who dares to appear like this, because besides there are many other famous hidden giants. makes many people curious to see once.

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