Lots of money for what? Youtuber swings his hand to buy all the items at the Nintendo Shop

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On November 22, the first official retail store of Nintendo was opened at Shibuya Parco, Tokyo (Japan). Despite the cold weather, fans still did not hesitate to queue for hours in front of the store. Coming to this store, people can easily find souvenirs such as shirts, mugs, stuffed animals, skateboards, etc. with Nintendo’s style to the consoles. console or game disc.​


This place that attracts gamers is also an ideal destination for gamers Youtuber, streamer… As one of the famous Youtubers of the land of the rising sun, HikakinTV also did not miss the opportunity to explore this store. Entering the Nintendo retail store, Hikakin and a friend of his embarked on a noble mission – Shopping.

It is worth mentioning that the die-hard Nintendo fan decided to buy all the items in this retail store. Regardless of whether the item is useful or not or if I already have something similar at home, Hikakin will still choose to buy 1 item of each item. At the end of this shopping session, the total amount of money Youtuber mentioned above spent is more than 2.1 million Japanese Yen (About more than 460 million VND).


HikakinTV’s 4-page bill

It is known that the retail store that Nintendo opens in Tokyo has more than 1,000 different items, including all of its famous IPs, from gaming items to souvenirs, home appliances … During the shopping process, Hikakin was also amazed at the variety of items here many times. As a famous Youtuber, this action of Hikakin also has a certain effect in promoting Nintendo’s store, and also helps fans who cannot come here to admire the products. products are available at the store.​

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