Unique characteristics of superheroes in the film (P.2)

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6. Thor: smash hammer

As a “Thunder God”, the image of Thor will of course always be associated with the hammer that creates thunder. Every time Thor hits the ground with the magic hammer, it will signal an impending hurricane, also making enemies afraid of “lost honey”. However, currently the magic hammer Mjolnir has been crushed by the evil female Hela in the movie Thor 3: Ragnarokperhaps in the near future, fans will be able to see Thor with a new signature action instead of smashing the hammer that has become a perennial symbol.

7. Wonder Woman: cross arms with the letter X

Many superheroes use this move probably because it shows bravery. The act of knitting hands into an X in front of them is also protective of themselves and others, against hostile forces. So in the rest of the list, superheroes all have this “identity” as this action. Like Wonder Woman, when the female superhero also symbolizes that her power has been “activated”. The cross-arm pose for the purpose of receiving bullets has become the signature style of Wonder Woman for many years.

8. Wolverine: criss-cross arms

Maybe because I’m a member of X-men so Wolverine has the habit of crossing his arms in front of his chest. This action not only shows the bravery, but also makes the superhero’s sharp claws visible. Seeing this familiar image, everyone knows that “Wolf Man” has entered a ready-to-battle position, “selling” to all enemies in sight.

9. Black Panther: cross arms with the letter X

Another superhero also crosses arms, but this action of Black Panther is closely related to his battle armor. When the user crosses their arms in front of their chest, the Black Panther armor can also create a shield of light to protect those around it, which can easily help against weapons with damage in the area. wide. Moreover, this is also a traditional ritual, the people of Wankada – the homeland of Black Panther, when greeting each other, often cross their hands in front of their chest, forming the letter X.

10. Deadpool: cross arms with the letter X

In Deadpool 2, to fight Cable, Deadpool formed a group of young superheroes, named X-Force. Deadpool thinks that in order to “promote” this superhero group well, there must be a representative action, so the pose of crossing hands in front of the chest was born. Fans also noticed that this greeting is similar to the Wakanda greeting in Black Panther. It was also through the movie that this greeting became extremely popular, quickly becoming a trend, even many players used it as a method of celebration after scoring a goal.


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