Lord of Dice – Yugi buggy version attacks the world game village

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Lord of Dice is the latest game in the western wave of popular Asian games. Developer Kakao Games has just officially opened early registration for international gamers, each registration is equivalent to an attractive gift that will be received on the release day, the value of the gift depends on the final total amount. of the batch register early.


Lord of Dice is a card role-playing strategy game, featuring over 200 heroes to collect and a dice-rolling attack selection system. The game is somewhat similar to the gacha game genre, where gamers have to rely on luck to find attack fuel or to land the hero they need.


Lord of Dice game trailer

In spite of Lord of Dice very successful in the domestic market but there is no guarantee of title Korean game This will be well received in the North American market. Many Asian games, especially those with strange and specific Korean-Japanese elements, may find it difficult to gain the fans of the Western gaming community. However, successes like Arena of Valor are not uncommon.

Gamers can register to play early on the homepage of Lord of Dice.​

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