Joker has revealed his “real” face for the first time

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In these days DC fans in particular and movie enthusiasts in general are focusing their attention on the movie dedicated to their fans. Joker – the great villain is considered the most haunting in the history of the entertainment industry. That interest is even multiplied when we learn that the Joker is Joaquin Phoenix – one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. Although not appearing in blockbuster movies that make money, Joaquin Phoenix has left viewers with emotional roles. Movies like Her, You Were Never Really Here nice The Sisters Brothers was highly appreciated recently.. is a prime example of his talent.


However, when the Joker character was first revealed in the movie, many fans were not satisfied because appearing in front of them was a person with no personality, weakness and complete absence of madness. typical type of “The Clown”.. But now those who once doubted Joaquin Phoenix’s role as Joker will have to think again after the Clown Prince of Crime is officially revealed in the first video..

In the “experimental” video above, the Joker that we see at first put on the soft appearance of a middle-aged man.. But gradually when the music of The Guess Who’s song “Laughing” began to play. up, the smile on his lips gradually appeared on the face of that weak man. And in the end all we see is a complete Joker with the madness and disgust of a criminal who once brought Gotham to his feet.


About the plot, the series Joker movie also seems to have been inspired by one of .’s infamous series of stories Batman to be Batman: The Killing Joke. There the Joker brought his passion to become a stand-up comedian but failed and the push of society drove him crazy, transforming into the sickest criminal the Dark Knight had ever seen. face to face. In the movie Joker will also seem to have his own name.. that is Arthur Fleck.

Joker movie is expected to premiere in October next year and all relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible. Readers can also learn more about Joker through 2 articles about the origin of Joker in the series Batman movie directed by Christopher Nolan and the Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke.

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