Let’s learn about Boss types that are storming in Cuu Duong VNG

As one of the mobile games sword hero the highest rated at the moment, Cuu Duong VNG gives players the core values ​​of this genre, which is the plot, images and fierce battles without end.

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Set based on a Gypsy filled with “swords of light and sword images” of Kim DungCuu Duong VNG Obviously not a peaceful place. To be able to rise to the top in this game, players must in turn conquer countless difficult challenges to be successful.


One of those difficult challenges is certainly none other than the Bosses, the “monuments” that players must win if they want to increase their strength and reach new heights. There are 3 basic types of Boss in Cuu Duong VNG, which are Hiep Guest Boss, Guild Killer Boss and World Boss. Each type of Boss has its own characteristics, difficulty and rewards for successfully conquering.


The first type of Boss that we have to talk about here is the Hiep Guest Boss. In Cuu Duong VNG, each map has a master “high martial arts, super pants”. They do not belong to any faction, and are ready to punish anyone who dares to step foot in their territory. Boss Hiep Kha usually appears 2 times per day and has no fixed time frame.


Defeating these masters, players will receive precious equipment and rare pets, which are indispensable in the process of wandering. In addition, the first person to defeat Boss Hiep Kha will also be recorded in the history of martial arts, from which it will become famous.


More difficult than the Boss Hiep Guest is the Boss Killing the Guild. In fact, these are the villains from Dong Doanh, a country that is always considered a “bad guy” in any production with the theme of Chinese swordsmanship. Taking the opportunity to go into chaos, these villains have stolen countless secrets and precious treasures. In the face of these “hidden” bandits, the strength of an individual will become too small, and it will take the cooperation of an entire guild to defeat them.


Not only that, the Boss Guild is also an object to compete with all forces in the world. Therefore, in order not to be “stripped” by other guilds, the guild that summons the Boss needs to focus and end the battle as quickly as possible. This is also an opportunity to show the solidarity and ability to organize activities of the guilds.


Last and most importantly, none other than the World Bosses. Bringing in a bit of “fanciful” element, the World Bosses are actually the Red Wild Giant Beasts summoned by the rage of resentment from the old battle on Quang Minh Dinh. Before these Bosses, the strength of an individual or a guild is not enough, so the player will need the cooperation of all forces. Of course, the difficulty is that, so once won, players will also receive valuable and unique rewards.


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