Dragon Ball Super: Revealing the new villain Granola

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In the latest developments of the manga Dragon Ball Super, the plot of Ultimate Witch – Planet Eater Moro ended after Moro was defeated by Goku using Uub’s “borrowed” Divine Energy. The characters then quickly cleaned up the mess left by Moro. Grand Kai returns as Majin Buu, New Namek is restored as new,… While the anime version remains on hiatus indefinitely, in the manga version the plot shifts straight from Moro to the next villain. – mysterious warrior named Granola and the new storyline will be officially titled “Granola The Suvivor Arc”.​


This time, the celebration of the Z-Fighters didn’t last long as one of Moro’s goons (Now returned to the galactic patrol) revealed the true nature of number 73 – One of his minions. Moro’s most powerful. Number 73 is not a creature but is actually a near-immortal cyborg that can steal opponents’ powers and easily cause trouble for the likes of Piccolo and Gohan. The remains of number 73 in the crater were found and secretly removed by its creators.

Remnant of number 73.

It seems that number 73 is a “product” from Master Goichi’s space gang. They recovered the number 73 and cloned it to create an army to rule the universe. Since number 73 is an artificial person, he doesn’t have human emotions. He is very ruthless and has no mercy, ready to kill innocent creatures. He was commented by Jaco as a killing machine that only obeys the orders of his teammates, his own self-control has so far been a perfect zero.

Granola’s appearance.

However, before completing the preparations for the domination plan, a new powerful villain appeared to disrupt this plan – Granola. It seems that Granola has no relationship with the galactic patrol as when appearing on Goichi’s ship, Granola is armed with a gun and armed. However, not only relying on weapons, Granola also has the ability to fire powerful explosions that easily defeat seven versions of number 73. From this, it can be seen that Granola has great strength to defeat. 73, many Z-Fighters had to work very hard. And the fact that Granola targeted the crystals on the forehead of droid 73 shows that he has a lot of knowledge about the enemy’s weaknesses.

However, many fans question whether this is really a villain. Because Granola defeating Goichi when he carried out his plan of domination before Goku found out, is more like the actions of the main characters. Granola also has incredible fighting abilities, a respectful way of talking to teammates, and a design that is quite similar to classic anime heroes. However, the look on Granola’s face when he finds the number 73 will deflect our thinking because it’s the kind of smirk that’s the standard bad guy. Moreover, the names of plot parts are often named after the main villain, so the percentage of Granola being a good person is much less.

The smirk is the standard of a bad guy.

To know if Granola is right or wrong, we have to figure out why he’s hunting for number 73. If Granola’s team just wants to destroy the robot and end what the galactic patrol started, then he is. I just blew up the whole ship, there’s no point in getting on board personally. This shows that Granola wants the number 73 for her own purposes.

Granola looks a lot like an earthling.

Compared to the villains that have appeared, Granola’s character design is strangely human. In the color poster, Granola looks like an earthling with a modern eye patch and whimsical taste in clothing. Because before, the villains in Dragon Ball had a rather hideous appearance, so with this look, Granola could very well be a time traveler from the future – the timeline in which Goichi has caused trouble throughout the world. galaxy – this seems logical to explain Granola’s knowledge of the huge potential and fatal weakness of number 73. This could be the reason why the new storyline is set as Granola The Survivor Arc – Granola Survivor.

Please wait for the official answer when the manga airs in the near future.

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