A bunch of pictures of 500 brothers “invading” the God of Long Nine Swords, good games are real

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Among them, it is impossible not to mention the “climbing Top” phase, occupying the highest position on the App Store’s Roleplaying chart after less than 48 hours of opening. In part, the number of players flocking to the experience of God of Long Cuu Sword has exceeded all expectations, another part is thanks to the unique gameplay mechanism “combo 12 moves” that this super product holds.

Even in the early days when it first opened, Than Long Cuu Kiem also encountered a situation of “full screen”, monster farm land no longer made many players “cry and hate”. They immediately put pressure on NPH Gamota to consider opening more backup servers to satisfy the crowds waiting for the experience.

One detail that even though it’s on the 5th day, Than Long Cuu Kiem is still very popular thanks to the configuration compatible with many systems. This helps the game work smoothly even in the most “crowded” scenes. A series of skill effects, flying bodies or countless flying spells overwhelmed the screen… and of course, the phenomenon of “jerking, lag” still did not appear.

In addition, the game possesses a lot of war activities with a huge scale, fast and strong PK rhythm to please the most demanding gamers. Ngu Hanh countermeasures, “unique, strange” skill sets or effects tables designed specifically for each faction… all of these factors were born to serve the fight more fierce and dramatic than ever. end.

If you do not know, Than Long Nine Swords is the latest MMORPG from NPH Gamota. This is a game that gathers the quintessence and characteristics of the legendary role-playing game series on PC in the past. You can easily see the flickering campfires, the clan salaries or countless popular “bloody” battlefields every year. Considered as a product of “the end of the decade”, Than Long Cuu Kiem is currently attracting the attention of a large number of domestic players, especially hardcore fans of the role-playing game series.

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