List of pets and cats in Adorable Home

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Currently, the simulation game Adorable Home has all 12 types of pets and they are a source of inspiration to provide rich hearts for players. Many types of cats in Adorable Home have different colors, characteristics and names.

In Adorable Home, the player can buy more cats by using the boxes Cat Box right in Shop (Shop), each type of Adorable Home cat provides a different amount of complete hearts, so the more cats you need to raise, the larger the amount of hearts will be collected.

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Types of cats Adorable Home

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List of pets and cats in Adorable Home

Below Taimienphi will summarize the types of pets and cats in Adorable Home up to the present time, in the upcoming update the developers may add more cats to make the game interesting and attractive. more lead.

adorable home meow listIn the picture are 3 cats respectively Snow, Niki and Peanut

Snow Cat
The white-haired cat likes to lie down all day, you get Snow for free right after logging into the Adorable Home game.

Niki cat
A cat with gray fur loves to sit and lie in the Garden, only obtained when opening the Cat Box.

Peanut cat
The short-haired yellow cat just likes to hang out in the house, which the player gets after opening the Cat Box.

adorable home listPictured are 3 cats Oliver, Mollym, Tobby

Oliver the cat
A lovely cat with 2 gray and white fur is very cute, receiving Oliver when opening the Cat Box for 600 hearts.

Molly cat
Molly is one of 12 Adorable Home cats that are very mischievous and often run around.

Tobby cat
Lazy cat Tabby loves to stay indoors.

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adorable home game listIn the picture from left to right are Moka, Tiger and Gabu . cats respectively

Moka cat
The furry cat prevents Moka, who often likes to play with fish.

Tiger Cat
With its shiny golden coat combined with stripes on its back, the Adorable Home cat looks like a cub.

Gabu cat
The mischievous cat Gabu will make you pay the most attention of the 12 types of Adorable Home cats

adorable homeIn the picture are 3 cats Elisabeth, Max, Cookie

Elisabeth the cat
A single cat with a golden crown on its head, the symbol of the queen of Persia. This cat is often assigned the name “cat with dog” or “Elizabitch” by players.

Max cat
An orange cat with fur like a tiger.

Cookie Cat
Short-haired cat.

Above are all Adorable Home cats that are present in the game up to the present time, surely in the future the number will be changed by the publisher. You need to remember as many cats as possible, they are all a source of hearts for you to make a living. In addition, you can also refer to the Tips to earn more hearts in Adorable Home here.
In addition, do not forget to receive many Adorable Home Codes from the publisher during this time as well as future events, with Adorable Home Code, you can get many valuable gifts.

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