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In the simulation game Adorable Home, Hearts (hearts) is a main currency for players to use to buy furniture, tools, food … all activities, and below Taimienphi will guide you to earn Hearts , heart Adorable Home as much as possible.

Adorable Home Is one simulation game Life on the phone is quite interesting, you and your companion (spouse) together build a house, raise a cat, raise a dog. By the ability to interact, players will receive a lot of Hearts, Adorable Home hearts. Use them to have a happy and comfortable home

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Hearts Adorable Home – The main currency of the simulation game

Before learning the details of how to earn more Hearts, Adorable Home hearts, please make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of this fascinating game.
– Download Adorable Home for Android
– Download Adorable Home for iPhone
– Download Adorable Home apk

How to earn more Hearts, hearts Adorable Home

1. Regularly watch TV, Weather

Every time you log in to the Adorable Home simulation game, you will be prompted by a small notification system to collect hearts, regularly watching TV also helps you earn a lot of Adorable Home hearts, instead of 20 as usual, please watch promotional video to get 100 Hearts Adorable Home. Also, don’t forget to press the Menu button (house) to see the weather forecast every day.

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2. Cat care

Taking care of cats is the most way to earn Hearts, Adorable Home hearts more than any other method. With each cat, you can do petting, nail clipping and bathing every few hours. Corresponding to each action the player receives 80 Adorable Home hearts instead of having to watch promotional videos.

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The player can get new cats by using 800 Adorable Home hearts to buy a Cat Box, there are 12 types of Cat Boxes for cats in the shop and each gives the player a different type of cat. together.

3. Collect Adorable Home hearts from new cats

One of the ways to earn Hearts Adorable Home is to use the Garden, after unlocking the Garden, players need to order food to attract visitors. Tap the Adorable Home heart-shaped icon each time they appear on top of each guest.

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4. Companion interaction to receive Hearts Adorable Home

Make sure you are taking good care of your lover, make them a bento box full of love before going to work, don’t forget that every meal must have a main dish, a side dish and a dessert. that’s mouth. How many Adorable Home hearts you get from your companion depends on how you take care of them.

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5. Earn Adorable Home hearts from visiting animals

There are many items to attract wildlife (uninvited guests) to visit your house, each set of furniture, tent, sofa, fish tank, air conditioner …. after installation can make Your house becomes more crowded. For each guest that comes to play, you can collect Adorable Home hearts by clicking on them directly.
– Frog: Coffee table.
– Old-faced dog: Tent, coffee table, bookshelf.
– Koala bear: Swing.
– Hamster: Tree stump, coffee table.
– Golden Dog: Sofa.
– Pug dog: Soft carpet.
– Squirrel: Tree stump, pine tree.
– Butterflies: Plants (in the garden or living room are fine.)
– Duck: Pond, TV shelf.
– Short-haired cat: Cherry blossom tree, Japanese garden.
– Turtle: TV shelf.
– Dog Coon: Bushes, elephant slide, hanging chair.
– Penguins: Air conditioner.
– Raccoon: Picnic carpet.
– Brown bear: Japanese garden, red seesaw, tree trunk.
– Seal: Ice pond.
– Otter: Fish tank.
– Sloth: Playground.
– Red panda: TV shelf.
– Siamese cat: Garden lights.
– Toucan bird: Umbrella holder, sofa
– Parrot: Hanging tree.
– Crow: Scarecrow.

6. Watch daily ads collect hearts Adorable Home

Every day players have the opportunity to receive Adorable Home hearts from promotional videos, each ad regularly provides hearts => 500 Adorable Home hearts per day if you watch hard, if you have the opportunity to multiply the number of hearts received If so, don’t hesitate to watch it.

7. How to earn a million hearts

You need a lot of “hearts” to buy a cat or even to “show off” to that person, a trick that guides you below will help you have a million hearts in the game. See details how to earn million hearts in Adorable Home.

Above is the entire guide on how to earn Hearts, the most Adorable Home hearts that you need to know. If you work hard, you will earn an abundant amount of hearts through each activity. And don’t forget to receive Code Adorable Home often, you will get a lot of items without having to buy with Hearts Adorable Home.

A great tip is that you can change your partner or companion in the game, see details How to Companion Adorable Home here.
– Link to download Android version: Adorable Home for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Adorable Home for iPhone

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