Lies Thien Chi Ring MMORPG possesses a beautiful diverse character system

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Tran Thi Thanh Hai

  1. Lie Thien Chi Ring is another attractive MMORPG game that Emergenceingame.Com would like to introduce to players.

    About 4 years ago game The Ring of Lies of Heaven must have been very successful with the online version, before the market has more and more games moving to the mobile platform, this game must be no exception, whether in the mobile version this game will achieve the desired .


    Possessing a rich career system including Quyen Kill, Integrity Soul, Ma Linh, and Am Sat, players can choose to play a single career or choose other occupations, each of which gives I have a different skill like Integrity Soul has a knack for using dual knives, dealing great damage, it can be said that Integrity on the battlefield is a whirlwind because of the flexible speed that this profession shows. Ma Linh with a knack for long-range combat, on the battlefield this is a flexible speed career, if you know how to control and combine skills together, it will create extremely beautiful combos and deal great damage to the enemy. .


    As for the graphics, it still applies advanced 3D graphics, the game puts on a fresh color with scenes like fairyland, a novelty in this mobile version is that the characters have escaped the mark. The image of Chinese martial arts, but instead a very fresh look, a bit of Japanese anime, with female characters, players will surely be attracted by the extremely fiery appearance. In addition, the game also has the features of a traditional role-playing game such as fighting BOSS, extremely attractive PK and PVE battles.


    Currently, the game has received many positive reviews from players in China, but it is still unclear the official launch date and test opening, all the latest information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com in the near future.


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