FIFA 19 announced the opening rate of the box after EA’s “loot box” scandal

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Loot box theme of FIFA 19 stirring up all over the newspapers for many months now. Many gaming sites question the transparency of the contents of each Ultimate Team pack, while others compare the chest opening feature to risky gambling.


Responding to the community’s questions, recently EA announced that it will publicize the Ultimate Team box opening rate of the version FIFA this year. Specifically, the content was spoken through EA vice president – ​​Mr. Daryl Holt said: “You will know what you (can) get when you buy an Ultimate Team package. There are some items that are fixed and we are starting to make the rates public for other items.” “This will be the brand’s 19th year, so at least there should be information about the chances of owning an X card, a Y card or a Z card,” he added.

Mr. Holt has not clearly explained the effect of each ratio, so gamers still cannot predict the application for each type of card, including player cards and item cards.

In a statement last month, CEO Andrew Wilson also affirmed, “There is no gambling in FIFA Ultimate Team or loot boxes.”

This isn’t the first time EA has run into trouble with the loot box theme. Earlier this year, the game studio was caught up in similar controversies over Star Wars Battlefront 2. For FIFA 19, EA revealed the possibility of cross-platform play support. However, many are pessimistic about the future of the cross-platform FIFA 19 setup following the lessons of Fortnite.​

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