6 typical PUBG gamer types

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Down is dead

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an extremely difficult game for newbies.. easily overtakes any gamer right from the first seconds of the match. That’s why one of the typical types of gamers that we encounter often is the type that has just come down to the dead. Regardless of choosing small beautiful houses or a large urban area.. Whenever they jump down to the place, these gamers if they don’t get shotguns in the head, even if the tape hits them, they will be surrounded by your Team no matter what. punch each other to death.. All these deaths in so many different styles allow these gamers to sit with their arms crossed and watch their friends play the whole game and direct as if they’ve just entered the professional team. Karma.


Hurt heart

The gamers who are classified as vulnerable hearts are the ones who usually prefer to be in a defensive position and hate the sound of guns. As soon as they parachute into a certain place, the first weapon they get will often become a weapon that sticks with them for the rest of the time.. even if there are a dozen houses next to them. edge has not been looted yet. Because they don’t want to be startled by a shot in the back or someone hiding behind the door, they will immediately grab the weapon they have just got and run for their lives to wherever they think is safe. And in most of those cases, they still get bullets in the head as usual.


Love flowers

Even if there is a large three-story house with a panoramic view of the surroundings.. Even if the whole Team is on top with the perfect cover ability… how do gamers love these trees and flowers? I also have to find bushes to hide in. In their minds lies the undying faith that having armor of 3 to 3 is nothing to the holy bush. Indeed in many cases it allows them to hide from the eyes of the enemy, but also many times miserable because they cannot find the next dust to hide.


Flint with front teeth

In Team there is always a player who likes to be a monster driver.. a gamer who always wants to be a Transporter to bring the whole Team to safety. But 9 out of 10 times for this guy to drive is that he is sure that the dear Jeep will hit a tree, head over a cliff, or hit a hammock and then do somersaults while the ring is pulling close behind.. Next level of This type of gamer is raised to the level of players who love to ride motorbikes when they always roll around in the air and stick their heads in the ground but seeing the motorbike is as bright as the stars.



Yes, in a society where every product can be purchased via the Internet, the Shipper is an indispensable role. PUBG Nor is it an exception when a class of its own Shipper appears. Smoothly parachuting without people, dropping loot with full armor, getting a good car to run around in circles… But as soon as you stop at a certain house, it just pops up a few times. hours and after seeing the good luck screen pop up he knew he had become a genuine Shipper. Full of equipment, full of ammunition, not able to shoot a single bullet.. in the end just to bring it to put in the hands of dear “customers” who are waiting for a certain house.


King of Loot

True to the title.. King Loot is a mighty and proud name for gamers who take Loot as a living principle, considering Loot as undying love throughout PUBG roads. Round on the back? Enemy team right next door? Big guns with lots of bullets? Did the team go far? Full 3 hat 3 armor?.. It’s okay just calm down Loot first. Not only that, these Kings also did not forget to twist their “closestries”, such as “have 5.56 bullets not for me and I only have more than 200 bullets”… or “Does anyone have extra accessories? , too much Scope, too much… helmet and armor!? They are always in a state of hunger even though their backpacks are packed with delicious goods.


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