Learning from PUBG, Battlefield 2042 can be 100% free

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Battlefield 2042 can be opened 100% free.

Battlefield 2042 is the latest entry in the Battlefield shooter series from EA and DICE. Expected by the worldwide gaming community to be a top-notch shooter, surpassing Call of Duty this year. But when it was released at the end of November last year, Battlefield 2042 received a lot of negative reviews from gamers around the world because of various bugs, making it the next “catastrophe” of the industry. gaming industry in 2021.

Learning from PUBG, Battlefield 2042 can be 100% free

Specifically, after Battlefield 2042 was officially released on November 19, the first gamers reported the bug status, the bug appeared with a dense frequency in Battlefield 2042. Although DICE has fixed the stutter issue lag and some other problems but that was not enough with the wave of outrage of the gaming community in the world. Immediately, the Steam page of Battlefield 2042 became a place for the gaming community around the world to “further anger”.

Learning from PUBG, Battlefield 2042 can be 100% free

At that time, more than 30,691 gamers had left reviews of Battlefield 2042 on Steam and of that only 25% were positive, making Battlefield 2042 one of the worst-reviewed games of all time. by Steam. Most of the negative reviews of gamers complain that Battlefield 2042 lacks inherent features of the series such as campaign mode. Other gamers reported that Battlefield 2042 was almost unplayable when they encountered so many bugs in the same game.

To say that Battlefield 2042’s launch didn’t go quite as planned would be an understatement, but being criticized by gamers on Steam left EA unsatisfied with how things have turned out. According to famous leaker Tom Henderson with reliable leaks about the Battlefield series, it was recently reported that EA and DICE are planning a major tweak to Battlefield 2042 to make it no longer called a “bomb”. more, including the ability for gamers to play the game for free.

Learning from PUBG, Battlefield 2042 can be 100% free

However, this is only the first leak, it will be interesting to see what EA does next. Can switching Battlefield 2042 to Free to Play help save this terrible game in the eyes of gamers? For now, EA’s best bet is to fix bugs and focus on perfecting Battlefield 2042, even as play counts continue to drop.

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