This is the wedding gift that is driving the Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile community crazy

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Diverse skin system in PBM Van Kiem Khai Hoa

Great Wind Flower is the latest costume of Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile (VLTK Mobile), released at the same time as the release of the Van Kiem Khai Hoa version, quickly attracted a large number of fans.

Phong Hoa Tuyet Dai is elegant with eye-catching white color

The design of Phong Hoa Tuyet Dai is based on the style of formal dress on a pure white background with a unique falling flower effect. While the Loli female silhouette pops with cuteness thanks to the pretty pink bow accessory, the standard male/female look adds elegance with luxurious gold accents.

Phong Hoa Tuyet Dai becomes a “hot trend” that makes gamers crazy

This design also helps increase love interaction when designing a dance specifically for the couple. Dancing with your loved one in the rain of flowers will be a sweet moment that every young man and woman wants to experience. Not stopping there, VLTK Mobile also developed a color dye feature, helping players to comfortably wear outfits with their favorite colors.

Players excitedly collect the full color set of new skins

Phong Hoa Nguyet Dai not only makes the couple’s heart flutter, but also motivates singles to quickly find their other half, or even a bad situation to want to cancel their marriage to get… remarried because The effect is so beautiful.

Bright and romantic ceremony atmosphere filled VLTK Mobile

Creating opportunities for lovers to return to the same house soon, from now until October 20, gamers only need to go with their loved ones to Lam An or Tuong Duong to find Nguyet Lao to conduct marriage registration. Next, the bride and groom just need to make a guest list and wait for the day when they will walk together into the ceremony, sworn for a hundred years.

Nguyet Lao will be in love, marry his wife

Also in this update, VLTK Mobile also developed the appearance of the Tinh Hoa weapon with beautiful glowing effects and the majestic and majestic Lam Dong Bao Hao mount, bringing a variety of choices and interesting experiences for players. play.​

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