Hacker went to prison for the Server Game attack… 8 years ago

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For the majority of gamers, the noun “Hackers“” refers to those who develop or use dirty tools to gain an advantage in the game. However, there is still another type of Hacker that does not aim to win a few matches or lose in the virtual world. in that they want to deprive everyone of the right to experience and entertain the game by attacking the Server.


8 years ago, a man with Romanian nationality did exactly this when using a denial of service attack called DDOS to make his European server. World of Warcraft overloaded. Now after 8 years, justice has been officially done and the 38-year-old man named Calin Mateias This will have to receive a valuable lesson for daring to touch the nape of the neck Blizzard – one of the giant game companies famous for being extremely strong against Hackers.


Specifically, Calin Mateias will have to pay Blizzard an amount of nearly 30,000 USD, or about 683 million VND … along with a 1-year prison sentence in a US federal prison. Although Mateias’ actions took place in 2010, it was not until the beginning of this year that this hacker confessed to the crime. Mateias stated that the DDOS Server World of WarCraft was intended to get revenge on his Team members for not sharing the Loot.


Maybe from here Calin Mateias will receive a proper lesson and understand that you should not be affected by such a small problem, especially a system of one of the giants of the gaming industry. . All relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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