Leaked news Riot has set the official release date of LoL Wild Rift

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League of Legends Wild Rift testing is underway Closed Beta in Southeast Asia and Taiwan markets. A part of Indonesian gamers has been given priority to experience Wild Rift from September 16, then it was extended to popular players in other countries and regions including Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan on September 18.


This time, the players who participated in the Closed Beta Test, it doesn’t have to be streamercasual gamers can also experience it as long as they register in advance on Google Play or when Wild Rift “land” officially in the aforementioned markets.


  • Alpha Test: 6/6 – 27/6 (limited number of testers)​

  • Closed Beta: September 18 – Early October (expanding the number of testers)​

  • Open Beta: no official time yet (everyone can experience it but there will be a time limit)​

  • Official launch: no official time yet

The official release of League of Legends Wild Rift will continue after the Open Beta when Riot officially launched this game on the global market. Some Chinese and Taiwanese game portals, which allow users to experience Wild Rift before Wild Rift, have revealed the release date of the game. MOBA This is in December 2020.

Although these are just subjective speculations, hopefully all players will be able to get their hands on it soon super product this hit for the rest of 2020.

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