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Manga, anime or games that exploit the theme of “isekai” (transmigration or reincarnation) have long attracted a huge fan base because of the strange feeling of being released to a new world that it bring us. In the wonderful land of Teyvat in Genshin Impact, players will discover a large open world with an attractive and unique storyline. Not only satisfying players in terms of visuals, Genshin Impact is one of the few games that can bring freshness when combining many genres and owns an impressive combat system.

At the time of publication, Genshin Impact was put on the scale to compare with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, even many people are extremely angry that this is exactly a plagiarized product. Genshin Impact is undeniably inspired by Breath of the Wild but as time goes by, as more information about the game is revealed, it’s clear that Genshin Impact offers a unique unique experience that makes it worth a try right away. even for those who have a bad view of the previous game.

A common problem that open world RPGs have is that building a world is too boring and empty, but fortunately Teyvat did not follow this path when providing a lot of puzzles, challenges and secrets are hidden. Every corner of Teyvat is filled with interesting things that make players unable to focus on their tasks. Admiring the sprawling mountains and mysterious swamps, although it is easy to distract us, the pleasant feeling of being lost in the beautiful world of Genshin Impact is indeed one of the most attractive elements of the game. play.


The unique combat system is also a huge plus of Genshin Impact. Each character uses a weapon and element, even if the characters use the same weapon, the fighting style is completely different. Players can switch between 4 different characters to form combos and combine elemental attacks. Even enemies control different elements, forcing the player to adapt to situations and remember their unique attack patterns. However, because Genshin Impact’s leveling system is quite simple, fighting is not too challenging but also not boring, can work well on both mobile and other platforms.

Like any RPG, there are many different mechanics to choose from, but Genshin Impact will introduce them one after the other so as not to overwhelm new players. That means it takes more time to unlock certain features and must reach level 16 before they can play together. It sounds a bit annoying, but the upside is that players will have time to learn the mechanics that they have unlocked. Leveling up is relatively quick at first but later levels get a bit more difficult.


And of course, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t try Genshin Impact when it’s completely free for PC, PS4 and Mobile. Free-to-play games often bring players aversion to constant purchases or advertising, but Genshin Impact is an exception. Of course, there are still trades available for impatient players, but basically, farmers are still provided with enough resources to level up without worrying about the big gap with the giants. Genshin Impact is also synchronized between PC and Mobile, all progress on PC, players can still continue on Mobile and vice versa.

Although it doesn’t get much attention, Genshin Impact really has a compelling storyline with lovable characters and great voice acting. That’s not to say the plot is boring or boring, it’s just that the other elements of Genshin Impact are so dominant that the plot seems to be a bit overshadowed. Unlocking characters is one of the main attractions in story development but the player can also do this through the gacha system and this is where trades come into play.


Overall, Genshin Impact is an adventure RPG worth trying. Teyvat is a beautiful world, far beyond the expectations of a free-to-play game. Of course, the graphics may not be able to match the blockbuster AAA games, but Genshin Impact is still a formidable competitor to some of the best adventure games on the market today.

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