Appears a mini Tetris game console as small as a keychain

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Although the golden age is long gone, gamers must have tried it or heard of it Tetris. Developed by Alexey Pajitnov By 1984, Tetris had appeared on most consoles and computer operating systems of the time. However, only when present on Game Boy In 1989, this game just entered its most prosperous period. Tetris is also in the top 10 most played games of all time.

Recently, Japanese company GAMETECH has just introduced a handheld game console mini allows gamers to experience the title puzzle game The most classic of all time. It is known that GAMETECH has been licensed by developer Tetris so that the game can appear on this beautiful little game console.​


The game Tetris installed in the device has three game modes: marathon mode with a maximum score of 9990, quick play mode that requires players to achieve the most score in a limited time of 2 minutes, mode The classic “20 rows” challenges players to solve 20 rows of bricks in the shortest time, allowing players to relive childhood memories.​


As seen, game consoles Tetris mini It has a very compact size, only slightly larger than a matchbox. According to the manufacturer, this is a game console like a key or a backpack hanger. Tetris mini will start selling from October 8 for 1650 Japanese yen (about 360,000 VND), with six different colors for players to choose from.​

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