What if Overwatch was a game… racing

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Gamer Kim Szkudlarek suddenly became famous when she started repainting the game’s cars Rocket League style Overwatch. The cars are inherently “cool” of the title sports games Fiction proved extremely suitable for the style of Overwatch heroes.


Rocket League is a sports game with a unique theme and impressive 3D images, allowing gamers to participate in soccer on sports cars. Meanwhile Overwatch is 1 FPS gamesHowever, the future context of both games has unintentionally made the Rocket League cars quite close to the Overwatch hero’s personality.

Each original car model sells for about $ 5 – 15, but after being put on a new shirt, gamer Kim Szkudlarek sells each for $ 30 to $ 40.



In addition to Overwatch, there are also models that follow The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Or a Spyro dinosaur-inspired car.​

See more of Kim Szkudlarek’s collection here.​

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