Instructions for making Mini World Block Art guns

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Mini World Block Art is an open world where you can play modes like survival or create your own works. Mini World Block Art can also combine attributes into items to give them special skills and Taimienphi will teach you how to make guns in Mini World Block Art,

The Plugin Tool is a tool that allows players to own special items in Mini World Block Art when they can combine different attributes into items to create items with unique skills. Weapons are one of the most edited items and Taimienphi will make it possible for you to own a special gun in Mini World Block Art.

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How to make a gun very simple in Mini World Block Art

Currently, Mini World Block Art game supports on Android, iOS and Windows operating systems, you can download according to the device you are using here:

– Download Mini World for PC
– Download Mini World for Android
– Download Mini World for iPhone

Instructions for making guns in Mini World

Step 1: Start Mini World Block Art and press Start then select Plugin Store.

mini world block art

Step 2: While the Plugin click on the Item then click on the plus sign add a new edit.

mini world block art 2

In the window, click Create new item.

mini world block art 3

Continue to press the plus sign to select the type of item you want to create.

mini world block art 4

In the item menu, select the gun and press OK.

mini world block art 5

In the window that appears, select the model and write the name of the item you want to order.

mini world block art 6

Select the item model, go down to the weapon tab and select a gun you like and then click OK.

mini world block art 7

In the properties window, leave the following parameters:

– Type of gun: Submachine gun.
– Damage: Low level.
– Shooting distance: depending on the type of gun and your preference, you can choose as short or as long as you like.
– Number of Ammo: doesn’t matter because it can be adjusted infinitely below.

mini world block art 8

Choose Ammunition, here there are many different types of ammunition and each type of ammunition will have a different effect, you can choose and experiment with whichever you like.

mini world block art 9

Next choose the parameters below:

– Ammunition mode: No ammo required, this option gives you unlimited ammo to shoot comfortably.
– Shooting mode: Half-Auto or Auto are fine.
– Increase initial speed: choose the maximum level.
– In the amount: to the lowest.

mini world block art 10
Above are the steps you have completed to own a special gun in Mini World Block Art. You can see more ways Crafting books in Mini World Block Art to own interesting items.

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