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Unbelievable coincidences between the two Marvel and DC superhero universes (P.2)

The two big boys of American Comic are Marvel and DC So far, they have all built their own cinematic universe. However Marvel start a step earlier and the cinematic universe (MCU) of this firm had a certain scale and was quite successful. But the opponent DC is not weaker, constantly building and developing his universe (DCEU) has so far achieved quite certain results. But in the process, both sides will inevitably have many similarities because they are both movies that deeply explore the superhero theme.​

5. An old photo

In the movie of both families Marvel with DC All have stories related to the past and at the same time save these memories with an old photo. side DC, in the current city of Paris, Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) sees a picture of herself taken during World War I sent by Bruce Wayne, and she begins to reminisce about her past then. And Captain is a photo taken during World War 2. It can be said that their photos not only become historical documents, but also help them recall the memories with their former teammates.

4. “For the sake of destroying the body”

We have always had a shortage of heroes who sacrificed themselves for the big picture in superhero universes. In Avengers, Iron Man didn’t care about danger, pulled the atomic bomb into a deep hole to keep everyone safe, which made everyone feel the bravery of a true hero. Likewise, in Batman v Supermanthe superhero Superman alone fought in the air with the villain Doomsday, it would be better to lose one and the other with the villain and not let others suffer the same danger.

3. Unexpectedly cute face of the “gods”

Thor (God of Thunder) and Wonder Woman (goddess of warriors) from both houses are people of divine character. Not only possessing unmatched strength and outstanding appearance, they also have an unexpected commonality that is “mischievous”. This adjective seems to have nothing to do with their image. In the movie, Thor and Wonder Woman are like children who come to the city for the first time, curious about everything and have many cute playful actions.

2. The majestic mountains

Both universes Marvel and DC There are lands with majestic landscapes like in myths. Marvel there’s Asgard, home of the Thunder God Thor and DC also owns a land as beautiful as a fairy scene – Paradise Island – where the heroine Wonder Woman was born.

1. Can’t trust anyone, not even my father’s friends

This truth is based on the bloody experience of Iron Man and Super Man. Two characters Obadiah Stane (Iron Man) and general Zod (Super Man) are close friends of Iron Man and Superman’s father, respectively. They and these superheroes have a close relationship, but unexpectedly they also betrayed their best friend, even wanting to kill both Iron Man and Super Man. The unfortunate ending happened that both superheroes were reluctant to destroy their father’s best friend.

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