Journey to the West Chi Lo gives giftcode on the official opening day

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It is known that on the occasion of the official launch of the game, the Executive Board Journey to the West spent millions of gift codes to help beginners conquer the mysterious and mysterious world. Accordingly, the gift code Journey to the West will include bonus items such as Locked Gold, Enhancement Stone and Single Blood Qi. These are the basic items that support the first steps for beginners in the process of getting to know and learn about the virtual world of Journey to the West.

Gamers support Journey to the West on the first day of testing

Journey to the West Chi Lo is developed on the familiar Journey to the West context but breaks the way in graphics as well as gameplay. After more than a day of successful Alpha Test, Journey to the West Chi Lo made an initial impression by the smoothness of the graphics and the attractiveness of the plot. The gaming community gives a lot of love to this webgame, promising this will be a product worth experiencing in the last months of 2017.
In addition to giving away newbie codes, Tay Du Chi Lo also implemented a series of events, preferential playgrounds for gamers in the days when the game officially opened.

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