League of Legends: Top 5 strongest junglers version 10.19

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1. Evelynn

With professional teams, the player Can be played in a variety of ways generals Matching different tactics is extremely important. This is even more evident in a major tournament like Worlds when teams study each other very carefully. If a person just keeps the same style of play without trying to improve, it is very easy to get caught, the result is defeat and soon bring the suitcase back to the country. So, as a trod go to the forestthe top player always actively practice many different generals to expand the pool, thereby increasing the tactical depth of the team.


Besides tank champions or physical gladiators, magic damage champions are also very interested, especially Evelynn has returned as an extremely strong choice at the moment.

2. Kayn


Kayn is quite an interesting champion in League of Legends, can be transformed at will. In a game, Kayn can only transform into one form, Darkin or Shadow Assassin. Once you’ve chosen a transformation, Kayn’s skill set will be adjusted to the form you’ve previously activated. In addition, Kayn is also a champion that plays according to the progress of the game well and easily adapts to the situation that is happening. In addition to the ability to clear jungle monsters well, Kayn can also move across terrain. In the assassin form, Kayn can easily kill the opponent’s main force and retreat quickly. In the form of a fighter, Kayn can survive in combat for a long time thanks to his ability to heal and withstand well.

3. Graves


Graves is a champion that eats meat and invades the enemy jungle, is a Archer Going to the jungle has a tendency to be aggressive, always chopping into the enemy’s jungle to create pressure. The set of maneuvers and quick draw skills make Graves capable of holding position and firing bullets at opponents. The hand attacks and the ability to penetrate targets and cannon explosive bullets are a huge source of damage that Graves brings.

4. Ekko


The next jungle mage on this list is Ekko. Although not possessing the ability to clear the jungle that is too superior or the ability to heal well compared to other champions, but what Ekko brings is the ability to go in and out with the ultimate move Time Break and E Variable. Phase Switch. Therefore, Ekko can easily cling to the opponent’s mainstay and finish the prey quickly, then return to a safe position in a split second.

5. Karthus


If anyone wants to play in the “farm to win” style, then Karthus is not a bad choice. With gameplay farm is main until level 6, then look where is combat then come and press R to have the network. All you need to do is look at the map for a bit to get some kills or support. Although it was reducing power in a few recent versions, but Karthus still has a solid foothold on the rankings single rank. Obviously, Karthus has a pretty perfect jungle ability, however, this champion is quite weak, so it will be very easy to be eaten by cards to rob the forest. Therefore, you need to ask your teammates to plant wards for you to avoid being invaded.​

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