“I want to faint” Tru Tien 3D gamers suddenly transformed into a cat

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Never let my community down, Tru Tien 3D after 3 years there are always events that stir up gamers in unexpected ways. Most recently, in addition to the fierce competition of the Grand Master Thanh Uyen Cac tournament, it is impossible not to mention the event of Tieu Cat Transformation – where gamers transform into adorable super cats.


Different from the usual cosplay contests, the entries of Tru Tien 3D gamers always make everyone “sorry” because of their investment and creativity. Perhaps this has partly created the unique charm of Tru Tien 3D community that everyone has to bow their hats to.

Taking place from September 14 to the end of September 30, up to now, the Little Cat Transformation event has entered the final days of the Opening and Kick-off round (September 14 – September 26). And just a few more days, TOP 20 will be officially revealed so that you can choose the best Tieu Mieu in Tru Tien 3D.

And now, let’s see the “cats” stirring up Tru Tien community 3D!

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