League of Legends: Top 5 players with the highest KDA in the group stage of Worlds 2020

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5. Chovy (DragonX) – KDA 7.7


As a key player in the DRX lineup from LCK next WorldsChovy’s strong point is his ability to get in and out of teamfights very reasonably, always present in hot spots, but the 19-year-old player has a certain acumen in combat that makes it difficult for him to be defeated by the opponent.

In the quarterfinals, DRX will have a civil war with DWG, the team that defeated them in the 2020 LCK Summer Finals.

4. Canyon (DAMWON Gaming) – KDA 8.5


Not the type of jungler that eats tigers, but jungler DWG is still highly appreciated at this year’s Worlds because of his ability to work extremely well with Nuguri and Showmaker to create a destructive top wing that helps DWG achieve success. many titles and promises to become the new king of Worlds 2020.

3. JackeyLove (TOP Esports) – KDA 9.1


Gunner number 1 LPL JackeyLove won the 2018 World Championship with IG, switched to TES in the Spring of 2020, the 19-year-old player quickly caught up with the team’s playstyle, the 2020 LPL Summer Championship as a confirmation for the No. by JackeyLove as the gunner.

With the aggressive play with high mutation, JackeyLove is gradually realizing his dream of winning the 2nd World Championship. This is entirely possible when TES owns a squad with many top players in the world.

2. Ghost (DAMWON Gaming) – KDA 9.8


Ghost is a perfect piece of DWG, he moved to play for the defending champion LCK in Spring 2020 to replace Nuclear, a player who has been with DWG for a long time but always plays at a full-fledged level.

Since Ghost’s arrival, DWG has added a new attack direction, which gives them a superior strength compared to other opponents in the LCK. Even Worlds 2020, DWG proved to be superior to its competitors in the same group with 5 wins and 1 loss.

1. Karsa (TOP Esports) – KDA 10.9


Far ahead of the competition in the rankings, it is not surprising that Karsa is at the top of the list of players with the highest KDA after the group stage. Karsa doesn’t focus too much on minion stats. His playstyle is mainly about helping to create an advantage for his teammates, thereby helping TES to easily control large targets on the map.

Karsa’s plus point is also in the ability to use punishment extremely accurately, even though the fighting is chaotic, the disputed targets are only 50/50, Karsa is still calm and successfully eats that target. With KDA 10.9, Karsa is the best jungler to date at Worlds, the championship opportunity is wide open right before the 23-year-old player’s eyes.​

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