League of Legends: Top 5 champions with the highest win rate in the group stage of Worlds 2020

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1. Top lane – Ornn


Tanker top lane is being prioritized at Worlds 2020 but not 1 generals No one stands out as much as Ornn, especially when the 2 gunner lineup is very popular, the importance of Ornn has also increased significantly. With great early-game damage and the ability to upgrade teammates’ equipment, Ornn is always found to be effective at all times of the match. Win rate up to 53% in the group stage proved the undeniable strength of this champion. In addition, Ornn also owns a pick/ban rate of up to 92%, KDA reached 3.3, the highest of any top laner before the knock-out phase.

2. Forest – Nidalee


With 45 appearances in the pick/ban phase, Nidalee becomes one of the jungle champion most popular in the group stage. Nidalee is the most banned champion with 30 times. The insanely fast jungling speed makes many teams afraid. 60% win rate and up to 4.6 KDA.

3. Mid lane – Orianna


End of the group stage, when mage champions are dominating meta mid lane, Orianna is the perfect pick. Assassin and tanker champions seem to be overshadowed by the damage of multi-skill champions in this 10.19 patch. It can be said that there is no mage more versatile than Orianna at Worlds this year. This girl has a 50% win rate in the group stage.

4. Gunner – Senna


From the beginning of the season until now, we have seen all of the Senna styles of the players gamer in Justice Arena. Even though I was heavily nerfed but professional player still knows how to maximize the ability to collect souls, thereby increasing Senna’s damage, critical rate and attack range. After the group stage, Senna is having a 52% win rate as well as a 5.5 KDA.

5. Support – Leona


After a long time of being suppressed, finally the classic tanker support model of League of Legends returned to Worlds. Leona quickly dominated the pick/ban phase of the group stage matches. With an appearance rate of up to 45%, Leona is currently the most trusted and feared support champion by many teams. With a win rate of 67% and a KDA of 2.7, it should come as no surprise that Leona continues to dominate in the later stages of the tournament.​

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