Xuanyuan Sword 7 – Chinese graphic blockbuster officially announced the release date

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First released in 1990, Xuanyuan Sword is one of the oldest role-playing game series in China. During 30 years of development with many versions, Hien Vien Kiem is as appreciated as role-playing blockbusters from the land of the rising sun like Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. Xuanyuan Sword 7 is the latest installment in this series with a plot still imbued with the typical Chinese culture and myths that have existed for thousands of years. It is a world of great monsters, mysterious swords, and great Stone Masters.

The plot of each entry in the series is almost unrelated even though they are all set in a common universe. Meaning, gamers won’t need to play previous versions to understand the full story. In fact, Hien Vien Kiem 7 released a demo on October 7, giving players a basic look at the game. There, players will experience the first part of the journey of two brothers Ly Chieu and Ly Tuong, two children of Thai Su Lenh who were lucky to escape death after a fierce fire caused the entire family to be destroyed. . After the incident, they took refuge in a small mountain village, but one day that peace was broken. Ly Chieu must face terrifying monsters and hideous demons to protect his sister – Ly Tuong.


The entire Hien Vien Kiem 7 is the story of Thai Shi Chieu (Li Chieu), a swordsman on a journey to protect his sister during a turbulent period of history. Legend has it that the first emperor of China used the Xuanyuan Sword against Xiu, the leader of the Jiu Le tribe. After the victory, the sword was passed down for generations as a treasure to protect China from the evil forces. In Xuanyuan Sword 7, players will explore China 2000 years ago and accompany Cai Shu Chieu to find out the truth after the death of the whole family.

Currently, the demo of Hien Vien Kiem 7 is available on Steam, the official version for PS4 and PC will be released globally on October 29.​

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