League of Legends: Top 5 most playable mid lane champions version 10.20

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first. Yone


Since debut, Yone has made many gamer Standing still with a very versatile skill set. Although it took a while to get used to Summoner’s Rift, Yone quickly roamed the Justice League in many places. server difference. Obviously, taste generals This is too superior in the ability to deal damage, in which the passive helps the critical rate to be doubled. The W skill both allows Yone to deal damage as a percentage of health, and creates virtual armor when participating in combat. At the same time, yone can approach the enemy’s main position with E. Another plus point of Yone is relatively good control with Q.

2. Ahri


After being ignored for a long time, Ahri gradually revived with changes to her skill set. The ability to restore health is returned to the passive, while the movement speed increase mechanism has now been switched to the fox fire so she can use it more actively. Additionally, W now deals 200% more damage against champions with less than 20% health. So you should note to use this move last in the combo to optimize the amount of damage.

3. Orianna


Orianna is a perfect mid lane pick with good damage and excellent teamfight control. In terms of laning, Orianna is not at a disadvantage against champions meta. Even against good laners like Lucian, Orianna didn’t seem to lose too much. This girl’s strength basically increases very well over time. This champion’s ultimate is always a very dangerous thing in combat and puts great pressure on the opponent. In a meta where teams focus on controlling the target and waiting for teamfights, Orianna is a perfect fit thanks to her comprehensive skill set.

4. Zed


Once again, Zed is the most dangerous champion in the mid lane in patch 10.20. This assassin can easily capture his prey with his clone and escape from the battle. Having a mid laner who is excellent at wriggling into the enemy’s backline and making the main enemy team out of combat is absolutely essential.

5. Galio


Since Riot Games removing the ability to flash while using W, Galio is no longer so cool. However, thanks to his versatile champion, Galio continued to stand firmly in the meta for a long time. Especially when he reaches level 6, his ultimate will better support his teammates, ready to fight at any time. Even, when this card is combined with some junglers with strong reach and control like Jarvan IV, the fight will be much more dangerous.

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