Vacation until 6x Tet, students immediately build a school in Minecraft to save memory

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As is known, currently many schools around the world have let students stay at home without going to school, instead students will gather knowledge by learning online, which is considered a safe solution during the epidemic season. However, not being able to go to school for a long time still makes students feel depressed and longing for their school.​

University of Pennsylvania Fine Arts Library

The Verge recently reported that, being informed that he would study online instead of going to school, Andrew Guo – a student at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) came up with the idea to rebuild his school in the future. Minecraft, so that the students will have a graduation date at the school, just like how a Japanese elementary school did before. Pennsylvania students quickly rebuilt the dormitory, food trucks and sculptures in the game. Some students even measure the size and location of the street to make sure the scale of the school is as accurate as possible.

On the first day of construction, it took the students an hour just to decide the location of a street, namely Locust Street, which is known to be where the students of the school will pass when they graduate. Because COVID-19 so these students are temporarily unable to return to school, but they can completely do the communication of the University of Pennsylvania right in Minecraft.​


University of Washington Hall

Recently university servers have really exploded in Minecraft, these servers bring students closer together, not only the University of Pennsylvania, many students of other universities have also rebuilt my school campus right in the game. This is also a way to entertain as well as fill their void, especially for final year students who have to leave the school they have attached for many years.​

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