Faker reveals how he feels when he is called the greatest LOL player of all time

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SKT returned to the international stage with the aim of “revenge”, claiming to be the top contender for the 2019 World Championship and losing only one match to Europe’s Fnatic. Since then, the Korean champion Nations attracted third seed LEC Splype in the quarterfinals. Faker and his team dealt a “fatal” blow to Europe causing one of their three representatives to “go home”.

After the big win and the reveal that SKT will be playing the second semi-final of 2019 against similar opponents, European G2 Esports champion Faker admits he’s been thinking about the title. League of Legends “GOAT” (the greatest All Time).

According to the Korean superstar, who won the world championship with SKT in 2013, 2015 and 2016, and finished as runner-up in the following year, he finally achieved the title. gamer greatest of all time.


Faker told the media at the Palacio Vistalegre hall: “I’m so grateful to be called GOAT and I think I deserve to be called GOAT. When I’m praised like that, it makes me want to do better, so I’ll work harder to be able to achieve more titles like that.”

Part of the reason why Faker excelling in the regional and world arenas for a long time, the mid laner said, is because even with setbacks, like losing the World finals, or being let down by G2 at MSI earlier this year, he still believes in himself completely.

“I never doubted myself,” he said. I think I need to improve myself and I’m confident that I can show better performances. Before any doubts arise, I think I will have more motivation to improve myself.”


Perhaps that confidence of Faker also comes from another milestone the star hit last weekend during the first stage of the World knockout round in Madrid. In a 3-1 win over Splyce, Korean star won his 100th international win.

Always looking for ways to improve his skills, however, Faker had a simple message when he said he had achieved his lofty goal: “Actually, when you say 100 wins, it doesn’t sound appealing. so I’ll keep working hard to get to 200″


His first step on that long road began on the day 2/11 when SKT will find a way to “revenge” G2. As the MSI champions have ousted Faker and his squad in Taipei, he’s waiting to be able to “regain his honor”.

“I want to face G2 again so we can take revenge. I think it would be fun if we played against G2,” he said, explaining that he also admires the European team for the way they play and the way they make him follow their style of play.


“Because G2’s gameplay is so unique, we were able to be more flexible thanks to that style. We fixed some of the problems we had after that, but humans always have problems. I think fixing those problems is also very important.”

And since then, SKT has fixed most of the problems, at least according to Faker said, he believes they were on the right track. “I think we still have room for improvement, but we played better than before. If we continue to develop in that direction, we can win the whole thing Tournaments.”

SKT will face G2 at 12 o’clock (around 6 p.m. KST) on Saturday, November 2, 2019.​

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